How can Digital Marketing help gather more leads?  We’ve prepared a high-level checklist to help you.

Strategic Conversions

Leads are the gold for digital marketers.

You’ve got a budget, goals, and need to prove your digital marketing campaign’s ROI. How can you show your team is meeting its objectives?  There are a lot of fancy acronyms and tactical names in this business, but in the end a company lives or dies on qualified leads your sales team can close (B2B) or buying customers for ecommerce and B2C sales.

At Webdirexion LLC, our team uses a marketing model known as “R.A.C.E.” (Reach, Act, Convert, Engage) to organize strategic thinking, the tactics that flow from it, and measurements to meet and exceed goals.

We’ve found this helps solve a lot of the challenges marketer’s face as shown on the chart at right.  Take a look at the top three challenges (Producing engaging content, doing it consistently, and proving ROI), and ask yourself how you now measure content effectiveness?  Shouldn’t you see direct results in terms of engagement and leads?  We think so.  We’ve written an eBook about R.A.C.E. strategies and tactics and will send you a copy along with a Digital Marketing checklist.

Digital Marketing Checklist from Webdirexion

The marketing funnel diagram at right (click to enlarge) represents a top level view of R.A.C.E. cycle marketing with the marketing funnel for leads and new customers in the middle.

We recommend you understand how your team is coordinating and focusing on and prioritizing these tasks.

Most studies show that marketer’s are least focused on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) — arguably one of the best ROI tactics you can use.  This is why we wrote The Marketer’s Concise Guide to CRO.  And it’s why the best marketing models have a focus area on conversions.  It’s also why the checklist we send you will include the top 25 CRO tips from our well reviewed guide.

Here’s a sample CRO formula from our eBook for you:

Meclabs CRO Formula

The Meclabs CRO formula for landing pages is particularly valuable, once you understand that the probability of a conversion goes up as you master each element of the formula.  At Webdirexion, we have found the clarity of a client’s value proposition to be often overlooked.  Is your team clearly emphasizing your value proposition and combining it with triggers to motivate your prospects?  Enjoy more CRO tips like this in our free R.A.C.E. digital marketing ebook — get it right now at top right.

RACE Digital Marketing eBook from Webdirexion Free eBook:
R.A.C.E. Digital Marketing

Strategy, tactics, Digital Marketing checklist plus 25 CRO Tips.  Get it now!

The Challenge:

  • Producing Engaging Content 60% 60%
  • Producing Content Consistently 57% 57%
  • Measuring ROI of Content Marketing Program 52% 52%
  • Dissatisfied with Conversion Rates 41% 41%

Source:  Content Marketing Institute 2015 report (first 3 items), Conversion Rate poll from Red Eye.

Solution:  R.A.C.E.

Webdirexion R.A.C.E. Digital Marketing Cycle

Click to Enlarge and see the R.A.C.E marketing cycle with customer lead funnel.

Scott Frangos


Scott serves as Chief Optimizer on the Webdirexion team for both development and content marketing strategy, and is the author of the new book, "The Marketer's Concise Guide to CRO" (Oct. 2015). He is a career marketing communications professional with niche industry specialties in healthcare, law firms, and hotel marketing and holds recent certifications in Google Analytics Mastery (Udemy), and RACE Digital Marketing (Smart Insights).Scott has also taught business, web programming and eCommerce courses at colleges in the Portland, Oregon area. He currently teaches WordPress Content Marketing Power, an online course through Udemy, and has spoken at several Content Marketing conferences.  When he is not geeking out on a Mac, Nexus 7, or Google Chromebook, he enjoys Tai Chi, walking with his two dogs, and survives on Coffee and Pizza.

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