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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Services Designed to Win Leads & Customers

R.A.C.E. drives us to help your company succeed.  That's Reach; Act; Convert; Engage... with an emphasis on Conversions to leads and sales. With some healthcare clients we form a content marketing and publishing team; for others we run sales funnel campaigns and landing page tests.  For eCommerce clients, we focus on continually testing to increase sales based on data and consumer behavior.

Webdirexion RACE Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy & Consulting:  We use the smart "R.A.C.E." model for marketing plans, audits, & analytics consulting.

Webdirexion Videos

Compelling Online Videos: We script, direct and produce videos designed to engage and tell your story well.  Standard interview style, animated, & whiteboard videos.

Webdirexion Content Marketing

Content Marketing:  We form an editing team with your staff and focus on Blog Marketing + Social Media + SEO tactics + Inbound Marketing.

Webdirexion Lead Gathering

Smarter Sales Funnels:  We do A/B split testing, landing page optimization so you can convert more visitors to customers & gather more qualified leads.

Webdirexion Automated Marketing

Automated Marketing for Lead Nurturing:  Now you have leads, what next?  Lead Nurturing.  Use smart automation to score, and trigger automated emails and sales actions.

Webdirexion Advertising

Smart Online Advertising:  We help you target the right prospects and boost posts on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other venues.

Webdirexion Websites

Optimal Websites:  We're a WordPress house, so that's already smart.  We optimize for mobile & SEO and... add smart forms.

Webdirexion Content Strategy & CRO Training

CRO & Content Strategy Training:  We will train your team to triple and quadruple leverage content plus use smart CRO — Conversion Rate Optimization.

What We Do to Help Your Business Grow

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Webdirexion is Developing eCommerce for PMC

We have a specialty in eCommerce so we are pleased to be helping a startup company, Public Market Coffee, bring their premium wholesale beans and gourmet consumer roast brand, ANDINO, to market.  Phase 1 is underway now.

Maryhill Museum Redesign

Webdirexion is ReVisions Maryhill Museum

We've worked with a number of non-profit clients, and helped revision the Maryhill Museum experience in 2019.  In 2020 we are working on ways to keep their audience engaged during challenging times.

How Can Webdirexion Help You?

We're a digital marketing agency with experienced specialists focused on capturing more leads and sales for our clients. We do it with a smart combination of tactics and strategies including sales funnels, content marketing, SEO and SEM. Give us a shout and tell us what you need.

Tell us what you need right now.

Some of Our Digital Marketing Clients

Zeres Inc. Client of Webdirexion
Padden Dental Client
Financial Services Client for Webdirexion
Padden Dental Practice
Guyton Strategies, Webdirexion Client
Ballymaguire Foods Client of Webdirexion
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A healthcare client of Webdirexion

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Webdirexion Expertise & Awards

Webdirexion has won Best SEO Experts in Vancouver

SEO & Content Marketing

We are recognized as a team of smart content strategists for SEO and Content Marketing.

Webdirexion is a member of the American Marketing Association

American Marketing Association

We are AMA members and currently taking digital marketing courses from this group.

Webdirexion is certified in RACE Marketing

Certified in R.A.C.E. Marketing

Certification for Reach; Act; Convert; Engage marketing model from Smarter Insights.

Webdirexion holds certifications in Marketing from Udemy

Udemy Marketing Courses

Each member of our team holds certifications from Digital Marketing and Development Courses at Udemy.