A well-designed and well functioning website is one of the best assets for B2B companies. Often serving as the main point of contact for businesses or employees, there is a real need to create a product that showcases the business properly and provides users with the right information at the right time. We have built several B2B websites and understand the necessary components needed and regularly provide our clients with content strategy, SEO, MailChimp, and other digital marketing services in addition to our web design and development services.

Have a B2B WordPress site needing care with a strong digital marketing component?  We have a Business Growth and Care Plan for that — have a look.

Rogers MacJohn Pro Website by Webdirexion

Rogers MacJohn Pro Website

Client: Rogers MacJohn Services:  Professional website; creative strategy; design & build; SEO. Designer:  Stephan Smith Platform:  WordPress on the Divi Theme Platform. Client Comment: “We’re very pleased with the professional look and functioning of... » Read More
Citadel Pro eCommerce site by Webdirexion

Citadel Pro eCommerce Website

For this national B2C product (for Truckers) and B2B (trucking firms) and services provider, Webdirexion designed and built their custom website on the Divi platform for WordPress. We also actively build and test landing pages and participate in other digital marketing campaigns. Configuration includes custom subscription options.

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ProtoCall Services, Webdirexion Client, ProtoCall Services Pro Website

ProtoCall Services Pro Website & SEO

Webdirexion has built two websites for this client and continues to do custom development, SEO, copywriting, and site administration work for this B2B services company in the healthcare industry.

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Eagle Consulting Pro Website & Digital Marketing

Eagle Consulting Pro Website & Digital Marketing

This client offers HIPAA consulting to healthcare clients including physician’s offices and hospitals. Webdirexion handles online advertising, SEO, site development, technical support, landing page A/B tests, and some blog marketing for Eagle.

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Zeres Inc. Pro Website

Zeres Inc. Pro Website

Built on the WordPress Genisis theme platform, this B2B site features a custom mobile skin using WP Touch, and a blog marketing component.

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UltraLinq Pro Website and SEO

UltraLinq Pro Website & SEO

Webdirexion built a custom theme based on the client’s design (on the Genesis platform for WordPress). We also worked on conference and tradeshow booth panel designs to coordinate with the website and provided SEO and technical support for a number of years.

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MDCurrent - Indian Medical News Pro Site 1

MDCurrent – Indian Medical News Pro Site

We build this medical news membership site for the Indian market B2B (Doctors) and B2C (patients) on the Thematic theme platform in WordPress in 2013. We integrated the S2 Member membership program and the site now has 9700+ active members — both Doctors and patients.

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