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We love creating websites for our clients that are responsive and mobile-ready. Using the market-leading Divi theme, WPForms, and a Stripe add-on feature, we’re able to develop websites that attract site visitors and turns them into customers. And that’s just a few key elements we use to help our clients’ sites succeed!

Webdirexion uses stripe add-on in WPForms to collect donations

Webdirexion uses Stripe add-on in WPForms to collect donations. Note one time giving, or monthly giving is available on this form through the Stripe setup options. See it in action at the Camp Wa-Ri-Ki site.

Part of drawing visitors to your site is by having a way to capture them, which is why having forms on a website is essential. And, if you’d like to collect payments, using the right type of plugin can make collecting payments a cinch.

In this article, we’d like to discuss the incredible benefits of combining WPForms with their Stripe add-on feature.

How We Use WPForms

When developing your website, we use WPForms, a drag and drop form builder. With WPForms, we can create all sorts of forms on a site. The type of forms to set up depends largely on the needs of your company.  The pro version of WP Forms is included for all of our Business Growth & Care clients.

The good news is when the right kind of forms are on your site, you’re more likely to attract and maintain an existing audience. And when you’re trying to grow your company, that’s something that’s necessary, don’t you think?

If you’re wondering what type of forms you may want to add to your site, here are a few examples:

  • Contacts
  • Feedback
  • Subscription
  • Payments for events, general billing, etc.
  • Donations for non-profit clients

We admire how powerful WPForms are and how easy they are to use! Now that you know how powerful WPForms are, we also wanted to share how to collect payments directly within your form.

Collect Payments on Your Site Using the Stripe Add-on Feature

If you need an effective way to receive payment, WPForms has an add-on feature called Stripe. With the Stripe add-on, there’s now a simple way for customers to submit one-time fees. You can also collect subscriptions and recurring payments. And – wait for this – users never have to leave your site!

Stripe indeed is one of the best payment processing companies in the world (and we’re not just saying that because we use this feature). With Stripe, it’s just so easy to accept credit card payments on your site. We highly recommend using it!

Say you’d like to create a simple donation or order form without having a shopping cart plugin or ecommerce platform. Because, let’s face it, both take a lot of time to setup. Forget having an ecommerce platform, WPForms combined with Stripe is the perfect solution.

Using Stripe, you can create as many payment forms as you want. You may want to add one on a page, sidebar widget, within posts, and other places on your website. With WPForms and Stripe, all of this is possible.

The bottom line is this: This excellent WPForms solution makes it simple to capture customer’s payments quickly and easily.

Scott, CMO & Chief Optimizer on the Webdirexion agency digital marketing team, provides a few examples of how we’ve used the Stripe add-on for our clients:

“We also developed a general payment form for both our non-profit clients — Kiwanis Camp Wa-Ri-Ki and Maryhill Museum — so that directors can send clients and facility users to the form and enter any dollar amount that may be due. Camp Wa-Ri-Ki has used this for renters with a balance due, while Maryhill Museum sometimes uses their general payment form for payment for a purchase of fine art prints. Both are connected to Stripe and secured by both Stripe’s security protocols and via SSL set for the website domain itself.”

Attract More Customers by Cashing in on WPForms and Stripe Add-on Feature 1

Here’s an example of a type WPForm on our client’s site that makes it simple to accept payments via Stripe.  See this working form at Maryhill Museum site.

If you’re interested in WPForms and would like a way for customers to make payments and more, ask us about the Stripe add-on feature. We’d be happy to set up both WPForms and Stripe on your website.

Capturing leads and payments on forms has never been easier! Contact us today to learn how we can improve your website by developing your forms and setting up Stripe payments!

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