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We like to maximize reach with videos on both YouTube and Facebook (and in blog marketing too).  Don’t rule out Twitter— why not extend your reach?

With online videos being one of the most embraced forms of online content on social media platforms, marketing professionals should make video marketing an ongoing part of their overall content marketing strategy. According to research from Brightcove, videos generate 1200 percent more shares than both text messages and images combined. Below are some tips for marketing online with videos and how that can have a great impact on your marketing strategy.

How to Get the Maximum Leverage From Online Videos

Online videos can provide maximum leverage by significantly increasing your exposure. Most people would rather watch videos than read content; so if there’s an option between the two, visitors will likely gravitate to the video more so than reading the content. Since more and more people share videos than other forms of content, your video is likely to get passed around and shared by viewers who have an interest in your product or service.  We like to at least get triple leverage from every video produced for maximum ROI with an upload and promotion on at least two social networks and an embed of the video in a post for blog marketing.

TIP:  Pause a video at a key spot and take a screenshot to add to a post.  Here’s a post showing one of our clients, Dr. Erich Dahlen, hard at work in his dental practice.

How SEO Plays a Role in Video Marketing

Your video could appear high in the search engine rankings if you use SEO, keyword-rich phrases in your video description.  Plus, Google loves its own video network — YouTube — so when you keep your “channel” there current and also embed YouTube videos on your website and in blog posts, you receive even more SEO points.

How Marketing Online with Videos Gives You a Competitive Edge

Videos also provide a competitive edge over other businesses in your industry that do not have online marketing videos. It creates a perceived value in the minds of consumers, as companies are viewed as the experts. Companies that take the time to prepare online videos also appear more authoritative.

Online marketing videos are a great way to get your messages out and drive more traffic to your site. According to a recent report from Aberdeen Group, 41 percent more traffic is generated by companies that use online videos, (however, as Brightcove discovered, 62 percent of consumers develop a negative perception of companies with low-quality videos).

Online Videos and Their Impact on the Conversion Rate

Compelling data from Visually reveals that when videos are placed on the homepage, companies experience a 20 percent increase in the conversion rate. However, videos that are placed on landing pages experience an 80 percent increase in the conversion rate. This has resulted in an increase in revenue growth that takes place 49 percent faster than companies that do not use videos, according to Aberdeen Group.

The Best Place to Post Online Videos

The best place to post online marketing videos is obviously where consumers hang out the most to find answers to questions they have about various products or services or to get caught up on trends or industry news.

Keeping that in mine, the following are some key platforms for posting online videos:

  1. Your website, blog or landing page – This increases traffic and the conversion rate. It also provides your visitors with more of the information needed to make more informed decisions prior to making a purchase.
  2. Facebook – This increases your exposure as many videos that are placed on Facebook are shared, liked and receive comments, which ultimately increases the rankings on the search engines.
  3. Twitter – This lets potential customers, and other members of your industry know that you are fully engaged with your industry’s community and that you keep abreast of latest industry trends and news. This is demonstrated by the comments and tweets you post.
  4. YouTube – With over 1 billion YouTube viewers each day, companies that place their videos on YouTube further maximize their exposure.

So how do you know how effective your online videos are? How do you know which ones are effective and which ones are not? Below is some additional information on how to best track the performance of your marketing videos.

How to Track the Performance and Results of Your Online Videos

In order to measure the success and effectiveness of your video marketing campaign, you first have to have goals and objectives in place. For example, what did you initially want the video to do?

  • Provide information?
  • Increase traffic?
  • Increase the conversion rate, brand awareness, or user experience?

online marketing with videos

These video stats are from a video we posted on Facebook earlier this year. Note that Facebook’s “Business Manager” control panel offers more marketing tools and insights.

Before you can determine the effectiveness of your online videos, you first have to know what your goals are as well as the reason for launching them in the first place. Nonetheless, below are some measuring tools that you can use to determine the performance matrix of your online videos:

  1. If you want to determine whether or not your videos are reaching the right audience, you can look at the total number of views from your specific market niche or targeted demographic.
  2. If you want to know if your content is informative and educating your audience, then you will need to measure the expressions. In other words, you need to determine if your audience is being engaged with your content. To determine what your expressions are, just evaluate how frequently and how long the videos are being watched.
  3. If you want to determine what level of interaction your audience is having, monitor the total number of shares along with the percentage of shares compared to the total number of views.

Keeping up with online analytics can be very overwhelming and cumbersome, especially for someone who is just trying to run their business. That’s when the services of a professional marketing expert can come into play; offering marketing services based on your specific needs. At Webdirexion, we can assist with increasing your overall conversion rate by providing optimization services as well as split test services to assist you with determining which videos are working and which are not.

For more information, you can contact us at 888-974-9522 and learn how we can help you expand your reach, boost engagement and get people to act by marketing online with videos.

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