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Every business benefits from the use of video recording tools —leveraging video recording tools they allow the company to get a message across in an engaging way to capture and keep the attention of the viewer.  We take a look at some tools and services to get you going.

Why Use Video?

Video allows a user to share more information with viewers than plain text alone. It provides the business with a platform for engaging with customers and sharing their story. Furthermore, video helps to ensure the message gets delivered and communicated.  When we help clients with sales funnels, we always like to use the “authority amplification” effect to give you three power punches using video, that you can’t get with other forms of communication:

  • You demonstrate thought leadership and establish yourself as an authority
  • You begin a relationship — they can see you and feel a lot more like they know you than simply reading a landing page.  This works for smaller entrepreneurs AND bigger companies where you put your sales or product manager — ideally, the person who will onboard new clients — in the video.
  • They see YOU as the problem solver and put a face on the “hero” with the solution.

When Might a Loom Video Be Helpful?

A Loom video becomes of great help when a company wishes to present a video case study. A case study can demonstrate a company’s area of expertise or when a product serves a unique purpose for the audience. Companies responding to a sensitive public relations issue find this type of communication can be of great help as it allows them to share their response quickly. Share a message internally with team members or provide product feedback. The ideas are truly endless when this medium gets used. Another way in which this type of video might be of use is by sharing a hack for a problem that needs be solved. If you plan to put together a problem-solving video using a sketch video is a great option.

Here’s an example that our “Chief Optimizer”, Scott Frangos, recently created using Loom:

What Is a Sketch Video?

Sketch videos are a great way to share a big idea in a way that viewers will not only understand but also remember. These videos increase the impact of the message. They also provide the viewer with a direct call to action to achieve the desired result. A company can also use a video internally or externally and engage viewers in a way that is sure to capture and keep their attention.

Here’s an example of a sketch video:

Experience Videos

Another option is to create a 360-degree experience video, so the viewer fully grasps the concept that’s explained. Again, there are tools available to assist companies with this goal. However, some businesses might find they can’t fully explain the idea. If that’s the case, a professional production team can help with this sort of task.

Where the Videos May Be Shared

Companies frequently wonder where they should share a video to get the most impact from the production. When it’s time to share the video, Instagram and Twitter tend to be the best options. They put the video right at the viewer’s fingertips, so they don’t have to go hunting for the material.

In contrast, YouTube helps when there is a product bug or a problem that consumers have encountered with the product or service. They can easily search for a solution, and the video comes up in the results.

Facebook remains an excellent medium for videos designed to increase awareness and engagement, however. Determine the purpose of the video before deciding where to share the video to receive the most benefits.

Nevertheless, companies also need to consider which platform their target audience prefers. For example, Google Hangouts and Snapchat tend to be popular with younger consumers. Older individuals often turn to Facebook and LinkedIn when they wish to obtain information. Keep this in mind when choosing which type of video to create and where to share it to achieve the best results.  We always believe that you can’t go wrong with most business related videos uploaded to more than one platform — extend your reach after you have a great video.

Educational Videos

Companies often find they wish to share information that is not easily understood by others. For example, a new product launch frequently leads to many questions. Consumers don’t fully understand the features of the product and how it will add value to their life. Fortunately, videos are a great way to share this information quickly and easily.

If a video is engaging, it’ll hold a consumer’s attention, and they will learn a great deal in a short period. Furthermore, if they like the video enough, they’ll share these videos with their friends so they too can learn more. Using video for this purpose is a great way to increase sales and improve conversions, among other things, and Loom is one tool that may be used to accomplish this goal.

How Webdirexion Can Help

Webdirexion offers assistance with creating videos of different types, including brand awareness videos, testimonials, and PSAs. However, many companies wish to create these videos on their own because they feel doing so makes the video more personal and compelling.

We can be of assistance as we work with clients on post-production tasks. Our services include adding an intro or outro, incorporating the company logo into the video, zooming in or adding other effects, and editing the completed product.

Contact us if you have any questions; we are happy to help. Our goal is to help you create the perfect video. An ideal video is one that reflects well on your organization and demonstrates your values. It also shares the necessary information in a fun and engaging way.

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