WooCommerce Best Practices: How to Succeed in Ecommerce

WooCommerce Best Practices: How to Succeed in Ecommerce 1

Following these WooCommerce best practices will ensure your ecommerce brand succeeds.

Your software stack is one of the most significant factors in being successful in ecommerce. While, of course, you need a good product to sell, you also need to have excellent software to facilitate the entire process. Ecommerce involves a lot more than traditional offline sales. Your software stack needs to help you with everything from payment processing, to inventory management, review collection, account management, and a lot more.

Many people choose WordPress for their website, and as a result, they turn to WooCommerce for handling the ecommerce aspect of their website. Between WooCommerce itself and various plugins that work with it, you can build a full software stack that will help you to succeed in the world of ecommerce.  The major contender to WooCommerce these days is Shopify.  While either can get the job done and do for some large ecommerce companies, the difference is that you run WooCommerce on your own domain at no monthly fee.  Shopify charges a monthly fee and adds fees for add-ons. WooCommerce does charge for “extensions” but usually only a one-time fee or annual fee.  So, we like WooCommerce when you consider the independence it affords you.


YITH Gift Cards: Our Recommended Gift Card Ecommerce Solution

For ecommerce brands, finding additional ways to increase revenue can sometimes feel like a struggle. Your content strategy is certainly incredibly important, as are other things like keeping your site updated and running quickly, running various A/B tests and doing other types of CRO, and releasing new products. These will all help you boost your sales (and we are happy to help you with any of them), but they all also require a lot of time and effort. While it is well worth that effort, plenty of brands are on the hunt for additional revenue sources that don’t require as big of a budget or don’t take as long to see results from. Does that sound like you?

YITH Gift Card Ecommerce Solution

Here we walk through an exciting new plugin that allows your ecommerce site to offer virtual gift cards to your customers — watch live video below.

If so, you’re in luck. We’ve recently added a new tool to our ecommerce tool belt that we are finding to be an excellent resource for any ecommerce store- virtual gift cards. Gift cards are a great way to increase revenue for your ecommerce brand. Best of all, they’re incredibly cost-effective, and you can start seeing results right away. What’s not to love? (more…)

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