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Smart Content Marketing Ready WordPress Themes

At Webdirexion, we develop your smart Content Marketing ready websites on a WordPress theme framework called Thematic.  We believe that WordPress is one of the smartest Content Marketing moves you can make, and there are a number of features and advantages to this “parent/child” theme approach.  Plus, we’ve added more custom functionality —  taking it to the “MAX” touch.   This is an overview of the features and benefits of our “Thematic-MAX” themes. 

Advantage of Parent/Child Theme:

Webdirexion Guide to Thematic-Max Content Marketing ready WordPress themes

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WordPress allows you to develop sites as a “child” (references main theme programming) of a parent theme, so Thematic takes this idea and runs with it building its “parent” theme into a robust framework designed to allow certain strengths for designers and developers of custom child themes.  One big win?  The parent theme is maintained and updated regularly to take advantage (more…)

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