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One Great Reason to Outsource Internet Marketing

Outsource marketing Saves TimeOf all the great reasons to outsource marketing – especially your online marketing –  there is one that, to me, is the most compelling of all. It saves money!

Hey, what can I say. I’m Scottish and I love a bargain. But honestly, if I was a small business owner who had decided the time had come to get serious about internet marketing , I would be looking to do two things.

1. Find a great agency that has the skills I am going to need to get my company website and social marketing flying.

2. Decide on which in-house member of staff is going to be responsible for communications with the external agency.

Do you know why I think number 2 is so important? Because (more…)

Outsourcing Internet Marketing – Grasp the Nettle

Outsource Marketing - Virtual Marketing Team

If you do not have experienced internet marketing staff in-house, it is time to tackle the situation head on by setting up a virtual marketing team.

According to the Wall Street Journal, frequently outsourced corporate tasks include customer support, accounting, tax preparation, manufacturing and data entry.

No doubt access to a wider workforce through the vast improvements of modern communications and internet connectability has made it possible to outsource a wider range of tasks but outsourcing is by no means a new development.

Mad About Advertising

Just look at the popular Mad Men TV series which dramatizes the chain-smoking, hard- drinking, bed-hopping antics of advertising agency executives from fifty years ago. Certainly any small business owner (more…)

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