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Tips for Marketing Online with Videos

How can you use videos to boost reach, engagement and conversions?   Videos are powerful story mediums.

Marketing Online with Videos - Webdirexion

We like to maximize reach with videos on both YouTube and Facebook (and in blog marketing too).  Don’t rule out Twitter— why not extend your reach?

With online videos being one of the most embraced forms of online content on social media platforms, marketing professionals should make video marketing an ongoing part of their overall content marketing strategy. According to research from Brightcove, videos generate 1200 percent more shares than both text messages and images combined. Below are some tips for marketing online with videos and how that can have a great impact on your marketing strategy.

How to Get the Maximum Leverage From Online Videos

Online videos can provide maximum leverage by significantly increasing your exposure. Most people would rather watch videos than read content; so if there’s an option between the two, visitors will likely gravitate to the video more so than reading the content. Since more and more people share videos than other forms of content, your video is likely to get passed around and shared by viewers who have an interest in your product or service.  We like to at least get triple leverage from every video produced for maximum ROI with an upload and promotion on at least two social networks and an embed of the video in a post for blog marketing.

TIP:  Pause a video at a key spot and take a screenshot to add to a post.  Here’s a post showing one of our clients, Dr. Erich Dahlen, hard at work in his dental practice.


Five Emerging Social Media Marketing Tactics

New social venues are emerging — where did Pinterest come from?  Mobile and tablet browsing are on the rise.  Meanwhile you’re busy executing campaigns planned before some of the tools, smart phones, and networks like Google+, were even launched.  Whew.  How do you keep up? 

At Webdirexion, we build in time each week to test new tools using a “laboratory” of our own set of publishing sites– I’ll report on that as we go.  But another thing I like to do is plumb my way through the wealth of infographics out there, since they represent concise, efficient but rich ways to learn the new stuff.  Here are five ideas from five insightful info-graphics for you — take some time to scan each one… you’ll learn even more than I have time to discuss in this post.

B2B Marketers Missing the Analytics for ROI Boat?

B2B Social Media Marketing TacticsI’ll lead with this infographic from Mashable (click to enlarge infographics), because it makes a very important point about a trend toward online marketing.  According to their research, (more…)