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Smart Forms by WebdirexionWhen your visitors encounter a form on your site, what are the factors that persuade them to fill it out and send their precious contact information to you?  Make forms easy.  Make smart forms serve your prospects first.  Sure you’ve got a number of questions to ask, but why not use conditional logic to only show visitors questions based on their own specific needs?  It’s a key conversion tactic, but so many marketers miss this because they are too busy with other campaign details.  We teach you about smart forms and conditional logic methods here.

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Smart Thinking Behind Smart Forms to Boost Conversions 1

Smart Thinking Behind Smart Forms to Boost Conversions

Are you using smart forms to boost conversions? This is one tactic for CRO — Conversion Rate Optimization — that most marketers overlook. Learn more about form ”conditional logic” and how you can apply it to your online forms to increase form completions.

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Using Smart Forms to Boost Conversions 2

Using Smart Forms to Boost Conversions

Hours went into creating an eye-catching website and you are seeing valuable results. Your website is scoring high rankings, there is traffic coming to your site daily. Unfortunately, analytics reveal that many visitors to your site are leaving without converting. Why? You might be scaring potential clients away with an overwhelming or poorly executed form.

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