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Webdirexion Sales FunnelIf there was one primary strategy for ROI in Digital Marketing, we would rank smart sales funnels at the top of priorities.  Why?  This is the quickest way to get to leads and sales.

Here we present articles to help you understand the best practices, tactics, and execution of funnels which begin with emails (test subject lines), ads (test pitches), then proceed to the first page in your funnel (often there are 3 – 5 pages in a good funnel), where you A/B/C test the landing pages; then finally include email follows ups to keep new clients and customers engaged.  Reach. Act. Convert. Engage.  RACE.  Learn more about Sales Funnels and Digital Marketing on our overview page and request a free Marketing Leverage Guide.

Webdirexion Split Test Sees 670% Lift

How Did a Split Test Win 670% Lift?

How did we increase a pop ups lead gathering results by 670%? We’ll tell you how — and it did not require a major redesign for the B version. In split testing, often a simple change using persuasion psychology makes all the difference.

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Webdirexion Uses R.A.C.E. Marketing

Using RACE Marketing to Win Customers

Content Marketing… Inbound Marketing? How do you win your marketing race? Over the past few years, there were a few marketing strategies that proved to be relatively successful. Nowadays we like the R.A.C.E. model for Reach, Act, Convert, and Engage. This produces a smart sales funnel that increases leads and sales.

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