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Five Key Aspects to Consider for Killer Content Strategy Creation

Content strategy is a critical component to the success of your online marketing strategy. This blog post is the first in a series of articles where we will discuss successful content strategy tips for the modern marketer of the future. 

Content Strategy Creation

We all know high-quality content is key for success, but what good is this content without a proper strategy in place?

Content is the key element to every online marketing activity. From social media and paid advertising, to blog marketing, email marketing, and SEO – all of these online marketing activities require high quality content in order to produce results. In fact, Demand Metric conducted a study that shows an amazing 78 percent of Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) believe custom content is the future of digital marketing.

However, high quality content marketing is only one piece of this intricate marketing equation. In the ever-evolving world of online marketing, a business needs to conduct significant research and focus on the development and execution of a winning content strategy to reach its goals.

We would like to introduce you to five key aspects you need to consider when creating a killer content strategy for success. Each one of the following aspects will be expanded upon in individual blog posts to follow.


Mobile Ready Website Design with WordPress

Remember when we only thought about designing websites for desktop computers, and maybe a resized version for those old flip phones? Nowadays we must also consider tablet and mobile ready website design. Yeah… a lot can happen in two years or so.

mobile ready websites

What Webdirexion is doing to make sites tablet and smart phone ready

Developers and designers are now concentrating on how to address the different screen sizes and functioning of browsers on different devices. For example, since the iPad does not use a mouse, there is no “hover” state for buttons. Also, since tablets and phones rely on fat little fingers to navigate sites, a larger button size becomes more important.

Developers usually call recipes to address these issues either “adaptive” or “responsive” web design. Some are even trying to get ahead of the migration off the desktop by advocating a “mobile first” philosophy.

Mobile Ready Website Design with Webdirexion

At Webdirexion, we take Content Marketing strategy very seriously in design and development of custom websites — you can see a slideshow that explains our thinking and process on our WordPress Site Development Page.  And part of good strategy has to include usability on different screen sizes.  Here’s our approach:

  • Mobile Ready Website:  As the latest “parent theme” updates for thematic — the theme framework we build custom sites on — come out (new upgrade June 2012), we are working with their open source developers to dial in with their “mobile ready” theme enhancements
  • Going Forward:  Beginning in 3rd Quarter of 2012, we will incorporate “adaptive web design” CSS3 “media query” design strategies in our custom themes so your sites will adapt gracefully to different media sizes and needs.  Fitting to size is one thing, navigating with fat little fingers on tablets and phones versus mouse navigation is another and we will take these factors and more into consideration.
  • Retrofits:  Since WordPress itself is upgraded frequently with new functions, the parent Thematic theme is likewise kept current, and we have new “adaptive” design tactics for mobile devices in play we will offer a retrofit of all themes free of charge to our retainer clients (contact us for a prompt quote on a project basis).