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TOPIC: R.A.C.E. Marketing
R.A.C.E. - the smart marketing model

R.A.C.E. – the smart marketing model

At Webdirexion we use a smart digital marketing model called “R.A.C.E.” (developed by Smart Insights and adapted from our experience in the trenches).  Here we write about the different component focus areas, including Reach, Act, Convert, and Engage.

Download Webdirexion's RACE services overview

Download our RACE services overview

Today’s marketers need to take a wholistic approach to online marketing.  With so many new technologies and tactics out there, it’s important to use a smart strategy as the driver.  Webdirexion’s founder is recently certified in R.A.C.E. Digital Marketing Planning, and here Scott, Margot, Miranda and the team present the tactics and strategies in action and within a series of overview articles to help you use these timeless principles for success in your own marketing campaigns

You may like to download our overview of services based on R.A.C.E. at left.

A Smart MarTech Package in 2021

A Smart MarTech Package in 2021

What MarTech Package is the smart play in 2021 to help your business increase conversions for leads and new customers? That’s the question we asked ourself this year and I am pleased to announce a great set of tools our Agency will be using forthwith.

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