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As a Marketing Communications professional it is not unusual to have the budget but not the time or inhouse talent to get everything done. If you do not have staff with the skills required to program a website, run a social media campaign, update your SEO configuration, run a landing page campaign, and write a series of articles crafted to engage prospects, then the question is do you take on new staff or is it time to outsource internet marketing.

An experienced team of internet marketers like those at Webdirexion each bring their own specialized skills to the table which essentially means that for about half the cost of another in house salaried worker, you now have a team of specialists with the skills you need for success. Learn more in these articles…

One Great Reason to Outsource Internet Marketing

Outsource marketing Saves TimeOf all the great reasons to outsource marketing – especially your online marketing –  there is one that, to me, is the most compelling of all. It saves money!

Hey, what can I say. I’m Scottish and I love a bargain. But honestly, if I was a small business owner who had decided the time had come to get serious about internet marketing , I would be looking to do two things.

1. Find a great agency that has the skills I am going to need to get my company website and social marketing flying.

2. Decide on which in-house member of staff is going to be responsible for communications with the external agency.

Do you know why I think number 2 is so important? Because (more…)

Flawed Law & Medical Practice Template Websites

There are a number of professional practice marketing companies out there for law firms, medical practices, dentists, etc., offering mediocre solutions based on outdated tactics and online marketing practices.  Don’t be fooled by Glitz that’s actually Glitch.  Here are five ways they fail for online marketing…

Law Site Templates

(click to enlarge) These cookie cutter templates from FIndLaw offer you a choice of colors, but none are designed to communicate the unique value of your firm.

The Problem with Cookie Cutter Templates: Templates are generic designs which were not crafted based on your strategy, your goals, and your unique value proposition. Here are two examples of typical choices — the first from FindLaw (right), a large lawyer marketing company, and the other from a Chiropractic marketing services firm (left, below).

The FindLaw offerings are in three different cost categories, and while the more expensive designs offer more glitz, they still are generic, so your unique strengths will not be revealed.  For example (more…)

3 Outsource Marketing Tips

Teamwork - outsource marketing tips

Prepare for a Successful Outsourcing Experience…

Having established that the company accountant will love you even more if you outsource your internet marketing and that it really is a normal and sane thing to do (with precedents going way back to the early days of the advertising and marketing industry), how should you go about it?

It would be unrealistic of most small to middle sized business owners to maintain a fully trained and experienced marketing department and all that entails from concept and copywriters to photographers, artists, print and radio creatives and so on. On the other hand, the marketing team are key to (more…)

Outsourcing Internet Marketing – Grasp the Nettle

Outsource Marketing - Virtual Marketing Team

If you do not have experienced internet marketing staff in-house, it is time to tackle the situation head on by setting up a virtual marketing team.

According to the Wall Street Journal, frequently outsourced corporate tasks include customer support, accounting, tax preparation, manufacturing and data entry.

No doubt access to a wider workforce through the vast improvements of modern communications and internet connectability has made it possible to outsource a wider range of tasks but outsourcing is by no means a new development.

Mad About Advertising

Just look at the popular Mad Men TV series which dramatizes the chain-smoking, hard- drinking, bed-hopping antics of advertising agency executives from fifty years ago. Certainly any small business owner (more…)