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How can you improve results in your conversion funnel, unless you test?

How can you improve results in your conversion funnel, unless you test for measurable results?

A marketing funnel is one of the ways we strategize for successful content marketing at Webdirexion. The idea is that visitors and prospects are always proceeding from point of first contact down a funnel toward your ultimate goal — closed sales with existing and new customers.

The great thing is, that you can optimize the funnel at all of the way points — and we write and teach about that.  Here you’ll find a series of articles outline strategies and tactics for focusing on the marketing funnel and the related discipline of CRO — Conversion Rate Optimization.

Digital Marketing Checklist for Chief Marketing Officers

How can Digital Marketing help gather more leads?  We’ve prepared a high-level checklist to help you.

Strategic Conversions

Leads are the gold for digital marketers.

You’ve got a budget, goals, and need to prove your digital marketing campaign’s ROI. How can you show your team is meeting its objectives?  There are a lot of fancy acronyms and tactical names in this business, but in the end a company lives or dies on qualified leads your sales team can close (B2B) or buying customers for ecommerce and B2C sales.

At Webdirexion LLC, our team uses a marketing model known as “R.A.C.E.” (Reach, Act, Convert, Engage) to organize strategic thinking, the tactics that flow from it, and measurements to meet and exceed goals.

We’ve found this helps solve a lot of the challenges marketer’s face as shown on the chart at right.  Take a look at the top three challenges (Producing engaging content, doing it consistently, and proving ROI), and ask yourself how you now measure content effectiveness?  Shouldn’t you see direct results in terms of engagement and leads?  We think so.  We’ve written an eBook about R.A.C.E. strategies and tactics and will send you a copy along with a Digital Marketing checklist. (more…)

How to Increase Your Conversion Rates

C.R.O. is an Art and a Science in which you are always testing to create more leads.

C.R.O. is an Art and a Science in which you are always testing to create more leads.

What are you key conversion rates (a conversion happens when a visitor moves one step closer to becoming a customer)?  How do you increase conversion rates?  Answers to both questions are vital to your business, but a good number of marketers don’t know their conversion numbers and aren’t taking the right steps to increase results.

…you need to test at each key point in your funnel for optimal results, from headlines in PPC ads to calls to action on landing pages to open rates in followup drip marketing.  Then you’ll win a higher percentage of qualified leads.”

First, let me tell you a couple of things that CRO — Conversion Rate Optimization — is not about.  It’s not about traffic volume.  You could have a low volume of visitors in a very small niche, for example, but be converting a good number of those visitors into prospects that become customers.  C.R.O is not primarily about content marketing… because content is not king.   (more…)

Health Marketing, Funnels, and Tactics

Opportunities for Health Marketers to pick up their game?  You bet.  Last week I wrote about five ways to perfect your internet marketing funnel to engage targeted prospects and move them toward becoming customers, and now I want to specifically apply that thinking for the health marketing field. We have several clients in this industry, and I am attending the Health Summit of Content Marketing in Cleveland next week and have been doing some research on same.

Four funnel marketing goals…

In general, medical and health B2B companies need to get more comfortable in boosting social connections and using content marketing tactics.  To see what I mean, below, we’ll look at a couple of medical/health companies that will be in attendance at the Health Summit — BioEnterprise, and Cook Medical.

WebDirexion Marketing Solutions Formula

Webdirexion uses the marketing tactics from circles at left above to pull target personas into the four goal path in your marketing sales funnel at right.

I’ll tell you why I believe they  need to focus their marketing better on the following four goal steps in the marketing funnel (more…)

Perfecting Your B2B Internet Marketing Funnel

Internet Marketing FunnelThere are a number of internet marketing agencies out there all with slightly different strategies and tactics.  At Webdirexion, we like to focus on a smart mix of tactics crafted to pull your specific target personas to your site, then through the “internet marketing funnel” to desired business goals.  How do we do this?  Let’s take a look — with a focus mostly on B2B marketing methods.

We always start with your business outcome goals.  These include download of case studies, signups for enewsletters, filling out contact forms and always lead toward a sale.  Then you need a keen understanding of the personas that will make a buy decision.  For example, some of our clients must persuade a CFO plus a mid level manager, plus an end user (who makes recommendations) to consider then buy a product or service.  And buyers are at different stages in their search process — from just realizing they need a solution, to evaluating competitors, to (more…)

Four Marketing Funnel Strategies…

How do you persuade visitors to proceed from content designed to build awareness, next to your evaluation pieces (like case studies), and finally to become leads? Use marketing funnel strategies. There’s more than one way to do this, so let’s take a look at four concepts and tactics using marketing funnels to convert visitors to  prospects, then prospects into leads you can close.

Inbound Marketing Funnel

This marketing funnel concept [click to enlarge] presents a series of tactics to use as visitors move from exploration, to decision making, and finally to a purchase.

1. First Funnel Concept – Understand the process so you can use it to your advantage: I really like the funnel strategy proposed in the infographic from First 10 and Smart Insights (at right) because of the “Buyer Stages” it lists, and the short, pithy sequence of Plan, Reach, Act, Convert, Engage, that it proposes. I also heartily agree with the statement, (more…)

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