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Three Unexpected Content Marketing Rules

There are a lot of “gurus” out there preaching and parroting things that just aren’t really that valuable as marketing tactics.  Got a ton of Twitter followers?  Ok… how does that translate into measurable business outcomes for you?  That’s the key — your marketing must be based on tangible goals.  But what about all those “rules” the gurus are spouting?  Well here’s three content marketing rules that cut against the grain. 

Facebook Fans & Engagement

Facebook Fans & Engagement

This infographic, by Our Social Times,  (click to enlarge) shows that 99% of Facebook fans do not actively engage with the brands they like.

1) FaceBook Likes Are Not That Important

Are FaceBook Likes Really That Important? I say no. Here’s why: First we have a number of studies pointing out fickle reasons prospects click the like button; also, reports that some companies (more…)