Increasing Your eMail Conversion Rates

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Smart eMail marketing campaigns still rock… and A/B testing improves results.

Everyone is looking for ways to keep their prospects engaged and move them closer to a sale. One way is creating an email campaign, for inquiring minds that want to know! A/B Testing and Conversion Rate Optimizing your emails that are sent out to your prospects go hand in hand to increase your conversion rates. .

How do you know if your email is grabbing your prospects attention? A/B testing is best way to go, and guess who offers an easy solution? (more…)

eMail Marketing Tactics That Get Results

How can you increase your engagement results using email marketing tactics?  We’ll review some answers to that question, and also look at industry benchmarks for email marketing as a tactic (are people still using it?), and open rates, with an overview of five email marketing infographics.  Then, I’ll share some of our own recent tests and results.

eMail marketing success advice, related to five infographics below

First some brief tips, then I’ll discuss tactics:

  1. Is eMail marketing dead?  No.  See first infographic below.
  2. What is the state of eMail Marketing?  It’s still an excellent marketing channel.  The second graphic details how 74% of adults online prefer email communication.
  3. What is a good email newsletter open rate?  Depends on your industry.  You’ll get a good idea from (more…)
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