We use MailChimp as an automated marketing solution because of its extensive trigger based smart follow-ups which, used smartly, will increase conversions.  MailChimp has all the features you need for advanced marketing automation including segmentation, triggers, and preset automation workflows.  Plus it integrates well with several CRM systems.  You can send an onboarding series to introduce new subscribers to your business or organization. Automatically follow up with customers after a certain action is performed on your site, or in an email, and recommend other relevant products and services.

Learn more about MailChimp automation in this guide (pdf).

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Why Mailchimp is the Ultimate Platform for Creating a Powerful Email List

We help our clients succeed in email marketing using Mailchimp, which is a web-based email marketing SASS. This incredible platform helps you design and share newsletters, and offers advanced automation including trigger based auto-responders and ecommerce integration (we also build ecommerce sites with WooCommerce). In addition to getting you set up on MailChimp, we help you integrate your Mailchimp with services you already use, such as a CRM.

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Smart email marketing at Webdirexion

Increasing Your eMail Conversion Rates

Smart eMail marketing based on a qualified prospect list is still king when it comes to digital marketing. And what could be smarter than testing two subject lines in MailChimp to see which one compels more opens? We’ll tell you how…

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