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Inbound Marketing is yet another new focus for Marketing Communications professionals. At Webdirexion, we include it in our mix of tactics and strategies as it relates to pulling people to your content via SEO, PPC, and Social Media techniques. Here we offer some helpful articles Inbound Marketing success.

TacTech Talk: Responsive Schmonsive; and Authentic SMM

Scott Frangos, President of Webdirexion

Scott is Chief Optimizer for Webdirexion and includes Marketing, Content Strategy, WordPress, CSS, Photoshop, Tai Chi, and Coffee among his passions.

This month, my “TacTech Talk” Column (a fusion of Tactical and Technical tips for today’s marketers) discusses Responsive Design vs. Mobile App solutions; and I have an “authentic” Social Media Marketing tactic or two for you.

Responsive, SchmonsziveResponsive or Mobile App Solution?

There are a lot of gurus out there claiming that “responsive design” (your site shrinks according to the size of the mobile device screen) is the only way to go nowadays.  Wrong.  You have two choices — compromise your desktop view and go for a smartphone/tablet view that looks the same but smaller, or design for desktop, then optimize in an app-like interface for mobile devices.  Is one “better” than the other?  It’s debateable, and the answer depends on two things:  your budget; and how best to serve your visitors.  Let’s look at strengths and advantages to both: (more…)

Lead Gathering for Law Firm Marketing

What is the most effective way to gather leads for a smaller Law Firm?   Let’s talk about firms of one to eight attorneys and consider now that the Yellow Pages are mostly dead, what are some strong strategies and tactics to gather qualified leads for rainmaking in your practice.

Law Firm Marketing Factors

Law Firm Marketing Factors: Above (1) we see that PPC ads for personal injury law firms can cost around $60 — per click. (2) Checking search volume for Seattle “personal injury attorney seattle” had 3,600 searches last month according to Google — a good term to target. (3) A search return for the same phrase shows both paid ads in play as well as organic “earned” listings. (4) research (from Lexis Nexis) shows 75% of consumers seeking an attorney will use online resources. [click to enlarge]

“…law firms need a mix of tactics to gather leads, and you need to put in place tracking metrics to gauge ROI.”

Five tactics to gather leads for Law Firms 

  • DirectoriesNolo vs. (Lexis Nexis) vs. AVVO vs FindLaw:  What I learned by checking different lawyer forums is that while each directory listing company has their advocates and detractors (this article denounces Nolo and “Expert Hub”), I still believe that an ad for approx. $200 in the right directory for your firm is a smart part of your marketing mix. 
  • Pay Per Click Ads on Google:  Click costs can add up at rates ranging between $8 – $111 per click (see infographic showing a study of recent rates for legal terms).  Let’s say you pay $60 a click (more…)

Marketing a Law Firm Online Successfully

When it comes to marketing a law firm online these days, there are a number of considerations from branding and messaging on through the look and feel of your site, then all the inbound and content marketing tactics you can put in play. Webdirexion has been taking a closer look at law firm marketing so today we’ll take a look at a firm that comes up on the first page of search for one key phrase, but still has some real opportunities left to explore.

So, I typed in “Law Firm Seattle” in Google Search because, well, when you need a lawyer what’s the first thing you think of when you want to compare firms?  The industry (Law Firms), and your city.  Turns out I was right on that gut instinct — Google reports there were 6600 searches just last month for that three word phrase.

Law Firm Search in Seattle

Demco Law Firm makes the first page amidst the other things Google places there these days. TIP: note carefully it is NOT first on the maps listing (not on the list at all) which relies on reviews (click screen shot to see actual search results), and also that you can pay for a PPC position to be on the front page — a move that can be more affordable and faster than a prolonged SEO campaign.

The first such firm that popped up after all the other stuff including maps, map listings, and ads (these elements are important parts of the first page game now too), is Demco Law Firm… in Seattle, of course.  So far, so good — they made the first page, “organically” — without directly paying for PPC ads, though I wager they spent some money on their SEO onsite and off.

Opportunities for strengthening presence:  Now there are some serious things for the Demco people to consider about their brand.  They have no real logo, They are emphasizing short sale and property consultation, with other services from the eight attorney firm taking a back seat — that’s ok if that’s their marketing strategy, but there are smarter ways to (more…)

Getting Started with Google Hangouts

For anyone launching a B2B social media campaign, Google Hangouts offers a winning combination of live broadcast, client communication, social network communication and content creation. If you have not experienced a Hangout on Air yet, it is sort of like a webinar, but with a select number of speakers visible and public access. Questions can be accepted via social media hashtags and answered live on air. The end result of a Hangout on Air is a recording which can be edited and embedded on your site or elsewhere. So, have you tried Hanging out with your colleagues yet?

Webdirexion Meeting using Google Hangout

Above, the Webdirexion stream team meets for a session on client projects, and online marketing in a Google Hangout.

As a content and outsourced marketing agency Webdirexion has, from its very inception, been (more…)

Social Media Marketing for Law Firms

According to Google Keywords Tool 14,800 people are looking for an attorney in Seattle every month.

Given that people jump on the internet to research everything from pet supplies to mobile phones these days it’s no surprise that a website is pretty much a standard requirement for any kind of business. Law firms are no exception. In fact a  quick glance at law related searches shows that over 33,000 people a month search Google US for terms which include the phrase legal questions while the broad search term divorce lawyers in Houston has over 8,000 searchers a month!

Google Searches and Client Acquisition

Location specific law searchesThose law firms that have an established internet presence are well placed to be found in the search engine results for relevant searches. According to Google Keywords Tool 14,800 people are looking for (more…)