Hotel Booking Software

Not all hotel booking software is the same.  You need a solution that integrates with other key systems, helps you manage OTA’s efficiently, and also provides great marketing features.  We’ve reviewed and worked with more than one and here write about the best solutions for hotels and inns.

Smart Ways To Book More Rooms 1

Smart Ways To Book More Rooms

Below is a recent webinar we did for Hoteliers and Innkeepers on “Smart Ways To Book More Rooms” in conjunction with Checkfront* — an innovative cloud booking service with some unique marketing features. (see also our post on Hotel Marketing Q & A)... » Read More

AirBnb vs. BnBs in Seattle

We reviewed AirBnB vs. BnBs in Seattle and found a number of interesting opportunities when you add things up. Is it Apple to Oranges in this comparison? Maybe. But why not serve them an Orange?

» Read More
What's the Right OTA Play for Inns & Hotels? 2

What’s the Right OTA Play for Inns & Hotels?

Smaller properties of 6-20 rooms can be reluctant to maintain a presence and room inventory on OTAs like Expedia and TripAdvisor.  But are they shooting themselves in the foot?  Both the “Billboard Effect” and the “Pay to Play Effect” do... » Read More
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