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At Webdirexion we make a distinction between B2B “Medical Marketing” for medical device and software makers, and Healthcare marketing to traditional consumers, though we have clients in both niches for these industries. There’s a lot of money being spent on IT, EHR, and a host of new apps, software, and medical devices. How do you best reach target prospects in hospitals, clinics, and other venues? We take a look at strategies, tactics, and tools for the professional Practice Management solutions under “Medical Marketing”.

Online Healthcare Marketing – Mayo Clinic

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English: Mayo Clinic Rochester Minnesota – Gonda Building (3rd Avenue SW) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not so long ago healthcare marketing was seen as being faintly unseemly if not downright unethical. In fact a paper titled, Physicians’ and consumers’ conflicting attitudes toward health care advertising by F.B. Krohn and C. Flynn, published back in 2001 was dedicated to exploring the differing opinion between doctors and patients regarding advertising medical services.

At the time, many medical professionals saw advertising as ‘…potentially unethical, misleading, deceptive and likely to lead to price increases.’  Consumers on the other hand, those potential patients, felt that healthcare advertising led, “…to higher consumer awareness of services, better services, promotes competitive pricing, and lowers rather than raises health care costs.”

One can only hope that those physicians opposed (more…)

Flawed Law & Medical Practice Template Websites

There are a number of professional practice marketing companies out there for law firms, medical practices, dentists, etc., offering mediocre solutions based on outdated tactics and online marketing practices.  Don’t be fooled by Glitz that’s actually Glitch.  Here are five ways they fail for online marketing…

Law Site Templates

(click to enlarge) These cookie cutter templates from FIndLaw offer you a choice of colors, but none are designed to communicate the unique value of your firm.

The Problem with Cookie Cutter Templates: Templates are generic designs which were not crafted based on your strategy, your goals, and your unique value proposition. Here are two examples of typical choices — the first from FindLaw (right), a large lawyer marketing company, and the other from a Chiropractic marketing services firm (left, below).

The FindLaw offerings are in three different cost categories, and while the more expensive designs offer more glitz, they still are generic, so your unique strengths will not be revealed.  For example (more…)

Five Health Marketing Infographics Reviewed

Healthcare Marketing InfographicsHealthcare and Medical Marketing is an interesting space — Marketing Communication pros, are just now becoming comfortable with tools and tactics for social media campaigns and content marketing.  There’s a B2C aspect of it ranging from Hospitals to Medical Practices that must engage and do business with patients.   Then there’s the B2B side where medical device and software manufacturers slog through a “complex sale” process involving several decision makers at Hospitals and Medical Practice facilities. I’m going to the Health Summit by Content Marketing World this week, and so thought it would be a good time to see what we can learn from five healthcare marketing infographics.

The  distinction between B2C and B2B marketing communications in the industry cconcernss the target “personas” you need to influence to close a sale.  For sake of clarity, I’m going to call B2B focus, “Medical B2B Marketing””, and B2C focus”, “Healthcare B2C Marketing””.  I’ll have some comments for each of those two focuses (more…)

Healthcare Social Media Marketing

The explosion of both general and specialized social networks on the internet has enabled  patients and practitioners to talk to each other and amongst themselves in a myriad of ways that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago.

Mention social media marketing in general and it is likely that you are referring to Twitter, Facebook or one  of the other mainstream players in the social media field. When talking about healthcare social media marketing however, there are some other options in the social sphere. The explosion of both general and specialized social networks on the internet has enabled (more…)

Health Marketing, Funnels, and Tactics

Opportunities for Health Marketers to pick up their game?  You bet.  Last week I wrote about five ways to perfect your internet marketing funnel to engage targeted prospects and move them toward becoming customers, and now I want to specifically apply that thinking for the health marketing field. We have several clients in this industry, and I am attending the Health Summit of Content Marketing in Cleveland next week and have been doing some research on same.

Four funnel marketing goals…

In general, medical and health B2B companies need to get more comfortable in boosting social connections and using content marketing tactics.  To see what I mean, below, we’ll look at a couple of medical/health companies that will be in attendance at the Health Summit — BioEnterprise, and Cook Medical.

WebDirexion Marketing Solutions Formula

Webdirexion uses the marketing tactics from circles at left above to pull target personas into the four goal path in your marketing sales funnel at right.

I’ll tell you why I believe they  need to focus their marketing better on the following four goal steps in the marketing funnel (more…)