graphic design principles

In a time when you can buy lots of different website skins and themes, the power of true classic graphic design is often overlooked and sadly undervalued.  But only a graphic designer that understands your business and your prospects can leverage smart principles to guide visitors through your website with subtle persuasion toward the goal of doing business with you.  We’ll tell you more about that here.

Internet Marketing Principles of the Mad Men: Part I

Back  in the day, giants like Leo Burnett, David Ogilvy and William Bernbach blazed a creative trail that made imaginative magic out of printed paper. What can they teach us that may be applied to internet marketing today?

So what makes for a great print advertisment (and what does that have to do with internet marketing principles anyway?)

Some years ago, Philip Sawyer, then of Roper Starch Wordwide, prepared a gem called The Ten Priciples of Effective Print Advertising. In short his principles were/are: (more…)