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Facebook advertising has evolved quite a bit in the last few years.  There are many more types of ads and demographic options these days. It can be highly effective for both B2C and B2B  marketers when you understand it is more of a reach and awareness platform than a direct sales tactic.  People still buy either on ecommerce websites or by direct contact for B2B big ticket sales.  But presales connection can be developed smartly on Facebook and we write about our experiences with same here.

Facebook Kapow Split Test & How You Know It’s Done

What if you could increase readership for sales related blog posts by 67% or more?  And… what if you knew, before spending a lot of ad dollars on your content, exactly how well it engaged your target prospects?  Kapow.

Webdirexion Testing Kapow Campaign

Kapow: How split testing + Facebook audience engagement pays off — before your ad campaign (and after).

We do a lot of split testing at Webdirexion because it causes our content to perform better for clients and our agency itself.  Too many content marketers and web designers think they are done after their “first guess” at compelling copy and design.  Not so.  Better engagement of qualified prospects means more sales, so why would you not test for this?

In this post I’ll tell you about a Facebook pre-test “Kapow” tactic that helps you get your content optimized better results before a higher advertising spend.  Then I’ll answer the oft-asked question… how do you know when you have enough of a test sample so that your results are valid?  Quick tip — the wider the percentage of conversion results, the sooner you can end the test; see below. (more…)

Are Facebook Ads Even Worth My Time?

Facebook ads can take on many appearances depending on the ad type and the device used to view the ad.

Facebook ads can take on many appearances depending on the ad type and the device used to view the ad.

Are Facebook ads dead?

Short answer: no, they’re not. Not even close.

Long answer: Facebook ads are still very much alive and thriving. How alive you might ask? Looking ahead, KISSmetrics statistics indicate that Facebook is expected to generate at least $4 billion in revenue this year of 2015 from ads alone.

For that kind of money to be spent on ads alone, it’s apparent that this method of marketing is worthwhile and working for many businesses.

So why do certain ad managers swear that Facebook ads are a lost cause? This could depend on a number of factors, but most likely businesses that didn’t see any immediate results so they became discouraged and turned off their ad campaign prematurely. (more…)

Social Media Marketing – Everybody’s Doing it. Why Aren’t you?

Socially Challenged? You Are Not Alone.

Social mediaWith all the hype surrounding social marketing you would think that everybody on the planet was successfully juggling several social accounts with their work and family life while still having plenty of time left over to whip up the odd blog post. But if social media sites such as Twitter, Google+, and Facebook leave you cold, then you might be relieved to know you are not alone.

Social media can send your corporate campaign into the stratosphere.

As a content marketing agency, Webdirexion must often broach the subject of social marketing with our clients. Of course in many cases the client is already aware of the important role that social media plays in the internet marketing mix and we will implement it on their behalf as part of an overall strategy content marketing and inbound strategy.

There are others though for whom the very term ‘social media’ implies frivolity and aimless chatter. Often, these are the company owners and C-Level execs who built their businesses up through sweat and experience long before having a website became de rigeur. For these men and women, social media can seem both overwhelming and a colossal waste of time.

No doubt the habit of some social media users to share the most inane moments of their lives on these social channels can make the medium appear pointless but there is so much more going on than people sharing what they had for dinner. Social media is actually an extremely effective (more…)