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Twitter Ads: Leads to MailChimp Campaign

Twitter Ads - leads to EmailYou’ve worked hard growing followers on Twitter, why not turn them into leads so you can work toward sales using automated marketing?  Twitter ads?  Yup.  Don’t count that platform out yet — especially when we have a new American President that loves to tweet, and the platform has 317 million users in 2016.  That bird can still sing.

Our clients are always interested in smart ways to gather more leads, so we are pleased to tell you about a tactic where you pay only for the leads gathered.  This strategy pairs up newer Twitter ads with your marketing automation program of choice to discover leads and grow your list.  And with a lead campaign on Twitter, you pay only for the leads gathered. (more…)

eMail Marketing Tactics That Get Results

How can you increase your engagement results using email marketing tactics?  We’ll review some answers to that question, and also look at industry benchmarks for email marketing as a tactic (are people still using it?), and open rates, with an overview of five email marketing infographics.  Then, I’ll share some of our own recent tests and results.

eMail marketing success advice, related to five infographics below

First some brief tips, then I’ll discuss tactics:

  1. Is eMail marketing dead?  No.  See first infographic below.
  2. What is the state of eMail Marketing?  It’s still an excellent marketing channel.  The second graphic details how 74% of adults online prefer email communication.
  3. What is a good email newsletter open rate?  Depends on your industry.  You’ll get a good idea from (more…)