CRM stands for Customer Relationship Manager, and usually is a term applied to stand alone SaaS systems like and others.  CRM is something all businesses need, but not so many do well.  It takes a certain discipline for this science and art to pay off, but when you couple a good CRM with smart automated marketing (have you had a look at what MailChimp can do these days?) you have  a powerful way to influence prospects and customers. We have some articles about it here.

Marketing Channel Attribution for ROI Reporting

From CMOs to Marketing VPs down through Managers and to the trenches, I hear the same attribution questions… how do you attribite leads and sales to the correct marketing channel?  Was it entirely a social media marketing play, or did in-person and phone sales contribute?  Did it happen entirely at the website?  Usually it is a combination — the “marketing mix” — that gets results.  But clarification is always in order as sales competes with marketing to take the credit.  Here are three emerging ways for smarter marketing channel attributions…

Attributie visitors to goals by source.

Use custom reporting in Analytics to attribute your visitors to goals by source.

1. Customize and filter your analytics:  We have some very smart clients whose eyes roll up every time we talk Analytics.  I think one main reason is that there is so much data generated that it’s hard to tell what is actionable.  While it is true that Analytics has added a number of new customizations, views, and reporting options, our formula for connecting and attributing different marketing efforts to results has remained the same:  set up measurable goals and assign real-world dollar values to them (if you close one in ten leads for a $1000 sale, then each lead is worth $100 to you), then follow visitors through to those goals. (more…)

Health Marketing, Funnels, and Tactics

Opportunities for Health Marketers to pick up their game?  You bet.  Last week I wrote about five ways to perfect your internet marketing funnel to engage targeted prospects and move them toward becoming customers, and now I want to specifically apply that thinking for the health marketing field. We have several clients in this industry, and I am attending the Health Summit of Content Marketing in Cleveland next week and have been doing some research on same.

Four funnel marketing goals…

In general, medical and health B2B companies need to get more comfortable in boosting social connections and using content marketing tactics.  To see what I mean, below, we’ll look at a couple of medical/health companies that will be in attendance at the Health Summit — BioEnterprise, and Cook Medical.

WebDirexion Marketing Solutions Formula

Webdirexion uses the marketing tactics from circles at left above to pull target personas into the four goal path in your marketing sales funnel at right.

I’ll tell you why I believe they  need to focus their marketing better on the following four goal steps in the marketing funnel (more…)

Do Sales and Marketing Need a Marriage Counselor?

When it comes down to measuring ROI for your marketing campaigns, often the sales figures are your best guide.  Not traffic.  Then why is it so tough to get Sales out of their cave to talk frankly with Marketing (often lost in their own “silo”)?

How Sales and Marketing Could Win with “Counseling”

Sales And marketing in Counseling

Are your Sales and Marketing teams talking to each other, or past each other? Maybe they don’t share the same goals.

The prospect is simple. If sales reported close rates to marketing, and if marketing cared about that, some simple changes on lead gathering pages could improve scores. But usually, it’s “sorry, honey — not listening and don’t care’.

We were testing elements on a page designed to bring the best qualified leads into the company. Again, the direct form to the CRM was not used, and on the MarCom side, they simply had no interest in enabling sales beyond putting a simple form to email on the page. Drop in the non-CRM form. Done.  No results review.  Huh?

We’re not going to make that mistake at Webdirexion. We just moved our sales lead nurturing system to When we test ads at LinkedIn to those on Google, we can now (more…)

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