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Webdirexion offers Content Marketing SolutionsTraditional marketing does not have the same impact it once had. Consumers are increasingly adept at letting the visual and audio advertising and stories wash over them. Those seeking to get their message out nowadays are doing so using content marketing – publishing  informative, practical information to draw in consumers, create brand awareness and meet marketing goals without any actual hard selling.

In order to succeed with this new form of marketing, businesses must have a content strategy which guides their content creation and publishing medium.

Winning Content Marketing: Testing your Message House

Use the message house strategy to guide your content marketing teamsIn this post, I’ll suggest two solutions — one from the R.A.C.E. digital marketing strategy we practice at Wedirexion, and one from our favorite marketing tactic — split testing.

Building a Smart Content Message House

You’ve been reading your analytics and your bounce rate is too high. In R.A.C.E. marketing strategy, one concept used to focus on better copy writing is what we call the “Message House”. You proceed from an umbrella statement to core messages and end with supporting evidence and proof points, like this: (more…)

Branding Strategy for Content Marketers

I met two authors, one a branding expert, and the other a social media consultant at the Content Marketing Strategies Conference 2013 where I spoke about marketing with Google+ (link to my slides).  I read both their books and had a chance to pull out some key take-aways for you on the plane ride home.  In this post we’ll look at some key insights about branding strategy for content marketers.

First up is Maria Ross (I’ll be back with notes about Social Media tactics and a related book next week), a branding expert and consultant who has written a book at once both accessible and thoughtful.  Maria owns Red Slice, a brand and messaging consultancy, and her book, “Branding Basics for Small Business” delivers on the subtitle’s promise to help you learn “how to create an irresistible brand on any budget”.  I’ll give you a list of key take-aways and tell you an insight Maria gave at the conference, but first a question:  As you look at the following business page “cover” image for our client, Provider Advantage, on Google+, can you tell clearly what their “brand” on that social venue might be?

Revenue360 on Google Plus

Above is the “cover” image for our client, Provider Advantage, on Google+. For this business page, we have chosen to feature it’s flagship software product logo — Revenue360.

Branding Basics by Maria RossIf you answered either “Revenue360” or “Provider Advantage”, you are only partially right. An actual brand is (more…)

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