Branding strategies are essential for every business and often for individuals too.  What is a “brand”?  A brand is the picture of your company formed in the mind of customers and potential customers.  Too many mistake a logo for a brand. We present articles on brand strategies and tactics here.

Branding Strategy for Content Marketers

I met two authors, one a branding expert, and the other a social media consultant at the Content Marketing Strategies Conference 2013 where I spoke about marketing with Google+ (link to my slides).  I read both their books and had a chance to pull out some key take-aways for you on the plane ride home.  In this post we’ll look at some key insights about branding strategy for content marketers.

First up is Maria Ross (I’ll be back with notes about Social Media tactics and a related book next week), a branding expert and consultant who has written a book at once both accessible and thoughtful.  Maria owns Red Slice, a brand and messaging consultancy, and her book, “Branding Basics for Small Business” delivers on the subtitle’s promise to help you learn “how to create an irresistible brand on any budget”.  I’ll give you a list of key take-aways and tell you an insight Maria gave at the conference, but first a question:  As you look at the following business page “cover” image for our client, Provider Advantage, on Google+, can you tell clearly what their “brand” on that social venue might be?

Revenue360 on Google Plus

Above is the “cover” image for our client, Provider Advantage, on Google+. For this business page, we have chosen to feature it’s flagship software product logo — Revenue360.

Branding Basics by Maria RossIf you answered either “Revenue360” or “Provider Advantage”, you are only partially right. An actual brand is (more…)

Internet Marketing Principles of the Mad Men: Part I

Back  in the day, giants like Leo Burnett, David Ogilvy and William Bernbach blazed a creative trail that made imaginative magic out of printed paper. What can they teach us that may be applied to internet marketing today?

So what makes for a great print advertisment (and what does that have to do with internet marketing principles anyway?)

Some years ago, Philip Sawyer, then of Roper Starch Wordwide, prepared a gem called The Ten Priciples of Effective Print Advertising. In short his principles were/are: (more…)

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