B2B Content Marketing

The marketing message in business to business content marketing has a different focus from business to consumer. When selling to a consumer the message relies on price, loyalty, emotion. A business to business transaction is based on service quality and confidence in the service via brand messaging and reputation. Find posts offering small business content marketing examples and b2b content marketing strategy.

Webdirexion Launches COMP 2.0 Digital Marketing Courses Online

COMP - College of Marketing Pros - Digital Marketing Courses Online

Webdirexion has launched COMP 2.0 – the site for Digital Marketing learning online.

How do you keep your marketing skills up to date in a time of rapid change?  Digital Marketing is a vastly changing landscape and when you consider all the new SaaS vendors and consequent tactics it is more like a fast-moving kaleidoscope. For the past several years, our Webdirexion team, I am proud to say, has kept on their game by completing online marketing courses.  Plus I have a course on WordPress Content Marketing I am updating and one on Conversion Rate Optimization set to launch soon.

So, we are pleased to announce COMP (a division of Webdirexion LLC) — College of Marketing Pros — 2.0 has been launched and totally revitalized with a new UI design and over 50 new courses added.  Courses range from Advertising to Sales Funnels; Copywriting to Marketing Strategy. (more…)

Why Digital Marketers Need a Good Content Strategy

content marketing, content strategyContent strategists today have quite a challenging role. In fact, it is not even a role that is easily defined. Ask five different companies what their content strategist does and they will all give you five different answers. Nevertheless, content strategy is a crucial part of a broader digital marketing scheme that brands must employ in order to be successful.


Goal Based Content Marketing Tips

Content Marketing Tips: Plan Strategy Goal

Goals Are the Results of a Great Strategic Content Marketing Plan

Goal based content marketing tips: tie your compelling and relevant story items — blog posts, articles, videos, case studies — directly to your desired business outcomes for site visitors.  It’s what we practice at Webdirexion, so I’ll be sharing a series of tips from the trenches over time. 

In this post, I’ll tell you a bit about ways to write for “conversions”; and for tracking goals by visitor source.

At Webdirexion the conversions we track in Analytics include newsletter signups, PDF downloads, and contact form leads with specific dollar “goal values” applied to each.  This helps us study (more…)

Five Landing Page Optimization Tips

LPO — Landing Page Optimization — often done via A/B testing methods, is an underused tactic that can benefit your Marketing Communication strategies in huge ways. Imagine if you could increase leads, 20% – 60% in less than a month?  Let’s take a look at five  landing page optimization tips from the trenches to help you understand ways to improve your own results.

Webdirextion Landing Page Optimizations

First drive qualified visitors to your test page, make sure ad copy and key page message match, then use smart tests to improve results.

Employ the Power of PPC Testing first:  PPC testing stands for Pay Per Click — like the ads you see at top and right in Google.  Smart PPC ads are often key in a landing page campaign in order to get enough visitors for an accurate test result.  But in addition to gathering qualified prospects to your landing page, there are two other major things you need to do (more…)

Round up of Content Marketing Tactics

Even though Content Marketing really isn’t a new concept (think Publishing with new media), it really has inspired a lot of new thinking about ways to apply it for B2B in new media and social venues. Let’s review some recent Content Marketing Tactics from around the web…

Track Your Social Media ROI Better in the New Google Analytics (more…)