Smart and actionable Analytics review and reporting is the whole key to the ROI game. But a good percentage of B2B Marketers are missing smart ways to look at Analytics, and also just not finding the time to improve results through testing. We have some tips and techniques for you.

New Content Marketing Tools and Tactics…

There are an ever increasing set of tools, tactics, and “new school” approaches online, so let’s take a look at some of these.  But you know what?  Sometimes the way forward is the way back and I’ll tell you what I mean in the second item below:

WordPress 3.5 is Born

WordPress 3.5 Media

The new Insert Media feature in WordPress 3.5 offers a streamlined interface, more editing and gallery features

The most popular open source CMS (Content Management System) WordPress has released version 3.5 this week with a slick new image upload interface and a number of other developer upgrades including the Underscore and Backbone JavaScript libraries are now available to add even more functionality.

In the new eddition, they turned off the automatic link taxonomy for lack of use — a mistake, I think.  Below you will see an example of how we used this built in feature to create a complete custom directory for a client.  The good news is that there is a plugin now that will still enable links, but I think this underscores an important point many clients are not aware of the powerful features WordPress makes available out of the box or how to use them.

WordPress builds in linking features

(click to see live site) This directory did not require a plugin — we styled and coded it for our client using WordPress’s built in linking feature.

Old-School Meets New School

Sometimes, to crib from T.S. Elliott, the way forward is the way back.  In the middle of all these new school ideas, there are (more…)

Proving Social Media Return on Investment

What about Social Media Return on Investment?If you’re like us, you have a boss, or “internal client” that wants to know how all that Social Media work is paying off?  Too many times, people default to a pat answer like “well it’s good for brand awareness” (true, but how to quantify that?), or worse — “hey we got 2,000 FaceBook likes, we must be doing something right?”  Wrong.  Facebook likes may be worthless, especially if you buy them, and the important thing is not the likes themselves, but what the real people behind the likes do to further engage with your company on the conversion path to becoming customers.  Here, I’ll show you some of the ways Webdirexion looks to prove social media return on investment.

Set goals for visitors from social venues

Setting Goals in Analytics

The screenshot shows how Webdirexion goals have been set to track engagement, PDF downloads, newsletter signups and lead generations from our contact forms.

What business outcomes do you want visitors from social media to complete?  What are their value to you?  At right are the goals we’ve set up for our Agency to track.  Each of those goals is assigned a dollar value based on the percentage of visitors who complete those goals and then go on to become customers.  Why the dollar value?  Well one great feature of Google Analytics is that (more…)

Goal Based Content Marketing for Maximum ROI

How do all these new technologies, online software tools, and social marketing efforts actually pay off?  To make content prove out for ROI for clients of Webdirexion, we use custom Analytics reports tying your content to engagement and desired business outcome goals.  Let’s review how this works.

Content Marketing ROI

The whole Content Marketing proposition relies on Strategies and Tactics that cause prospects to (more…)

Five PPC Advertising Tactical Tips

PPC Advertising by WebdirexionPPC — Pay Per Click — advertising has evolved rapidly, and many Content Marketers are missing using it as a primary tactic for value proposition testing, when you need leads quickly, and you want SEO insights (you can learn key phrases in PPC ads to carry forward into articles and posts). So, here are five ppc advertising tactical tips to help you in the trenches.

1. Know your target personas

Who are you talking to in an ad, and what exactly motivates them to seek your solution?  The answer requires (more…)

Goal Based Content Marketing Tips

Content Marketing Tips: Plan Strategy Goal

Goals Are the Results of a Great Strategic Content Marketing Plan

Goal based content marketing tips: tie your compelling and relevant story items — blog posts, articles, videos, case studies — directly to your desired business outcomes for site visitors.  It’s what we practice at Webdirexion, so I’ll be sharing a series of tips from the trenches over time. 

In this post, I’ll tell you a bit about ways to write for “conversions”; and for tracking goals by visitor source.

At Webdirexion the conversions we track in Analytics include newsletter signups, PDF downloads, and contact form leads with specific dollar “goal values” applied to each.  This helps us study (more…)