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TOPIC: Testing and Analytics

A/B Tests are crucial to increasing performance, ROI, Leads and Sales at your websites.

The R.A.C.E. Marketing Cycle drives our client marketing solutions.

A/B Testing (and other types of tests) coupled with smart and actionable Analytics review and reporting is the whole key to the ROI game. But a good percentage of B2B Marketers are missing smart ways to look at Analytics, and also just not finding the time to improve results through testing. We have articles on the why and how.

On the R.A.C.E. marketing cycle chart at left, we are looking at tactics in these articles from section 04 Conversions, and also section 06 Analytics.

Google analytics has come a long way in the last few years.  You should be using realistic $ goals, custom channels, and smart attribution to help you decide where to place your online marketing budget among other advanced techniques including filtering, dashboards, and geo targeting (which you can then use in a remarketing campaign).  We’ll discuss these concepts here.

What is Everyone CROing About?

What is Everyone CROing About?

What’s so important about Conversion Rate Optimization – CRO? Everything. Celebrated this week during “International CRO Day”, this marketing focus can mean the difference between breaking even and enjoying phenomenal profits. It is a boon for every sales person, and the holy grail of the marketer. And your opportunity to succeed with it is in direct measure to your colleagues and competitors who are failing to use it.

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