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For Croc’s Resort we designed a new look to emphasize the range of amenities including tours, restaurants, and weddings (see inside pages at right), and handled digital advertising and blog marketing.  The booking system (Checkfront) was fully featured and raised on site bookings to $40kmo/$500k annually.  Checkfront is also one of few booking systems that keeps visitors on your URL/domain pages during checkout (better for SEO). It integrates with many marketing, global payment systems, and business apps.

Client: Croc’s Casino Resort

Services:  Pro hotel website with booking solution (Checkfront); strategy; design & build; Digital Marketing.

Platform:  WordPress on the Divi Theme Platform.

Client Comment: ” You’ve been a big part of our resort’s growth so far, and I’m very thankful for that.” — Dag Hascall, CEO

Inside Pages (click to view):

Content Strategy + Digital Strategy

For Croc’s Hotel and Resort in Costa Rica, the thinking behind their new website design and development all boiled down to one thing:  tell the complete story of “Magical Croc’s”.  Magical?  Well, imagine a classical music quartet serenading a destination wedding under the purple hughs of a tropical sunset by the waves.  Then you return to a resort with a 5-star pool, 3 gourmet restaurants, a spa, casino and more.  It is the “power of story” as content marketers know that will sell the resort, the amenities, and the “sizzle” (the experience).

Checkfront:  This is our preferred provider of online booking for rooms and tours because of its outstanding marketing features including onsite reservations (better for SEO because you don’t leave your domain), gift certificates, allied business marketing, Facebook marketing, and a whole range of integrations that extend this powerful platform.   We benchmarked Checkfront against two other top reservation systems: Webdirexion-Hotel-Marketing-Solutions-Checkfront-Comparison (download PDF)

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