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How To Use Facebook Ads And Adwords For Retargeting 1
Facebook has upped its advertising game to rival Google’s Adwords. With the power of Facebook ads, online businesses can reach customers like never before. Both systems offer remarketing so you can make a second impression. The key difference is that retargeting via Facebook is limited to showing ads only to those that return to Facebook itself, while using adwords For retargeting extends the reach of your follow up ads across the Google universe.

One thing that Facebook is good for is re-attracting a business’s previous visitors to bring them back to complete a sale, or to retarget customers in an attempt to turn them into repeat customers. This is called remarketing, and sometimes retargeting.  Google adwords offers this too, and Webdirexion likes to take advantage of both platforms in powerful synergistic ways.

The Social Media Examiner recently gave some pointers about doing a remarketing campaign involving a good landing page:

  • Keep your offers landing-page specific.
  • Be clear about the next step (e.g., use the Sign Up or Shop Now call to action).
  • Rotate your ad designs and offers to see what works best.
  • Add a small discount to nudge people to revisit your website.
  • Don’t forget to exclude people who already converted.

“A couple of key success tactics we would add to that list, ” explains Scott Frangos, “Chief Optimizer” for Webdirexion, “would be to split test the landing page to find out which of two persuasive elements caused more visitors to convert; and to used a combination of Facebook and Google ads to extend the reach and power of the promotion.”

The Social Media Examiner also advises that you run one campaign to re-target former customers and one campaign to remarket to those you didn’t market to before. A recent article, explains it like this:

“When you target both retargeting and new audiences at the same time, it’s almost impossible to gauge the real impact of your ad. If you generate a sale, did it come from a brand-new prospect or someone deep in your funnel? There’s no way to know.

Suppose your goal is to pay no more than $10 for each new customer acquired. You have an ad group that targets both a retargeting audience and an audience of new prospects. You receive nine conversions from your retargeting audience at $1 each and one conversion from a new prospect at $71, making your average conversion cost $8. But that’s obviously not an accurate picture.

To see what’s really going on, you need to separate these audiences into their own campaigns (or ad groups). If you do that for this example, you can achieve one campaign that turns your retargeting audience into customers for just $1, and another campaign that can turn a new prospect into a customer for $71, which is well over your $10 target cost per acquisition (CPA).”


Remarketing, or retargeting is when an ad follows a prospect to other websites.

One of the best tools for this task is Google Adwords. The SemRush blog advises you to use the service. The service works to complete the following tasks:

In a nutshell, retargeting AdWords involves:

  • Using banner retargeting to target previous visitors to your website
  • Creating a list of visitors who have left without purchasing anything
  • Deploying the ads across the Google Display Network
  • Targeting the specific visitors with Google ad retargeting

While getting a lost visitor back to your website doesn’t guarantee a sale, it still improves your chances of increasing your revenue. Google AdWords retargeting could be the key to your online business’ success.”

MailChimp adds Advertising & Retargeting

Now you can use MailChimp to target Facebook ads to your segments and regular contacts, plus set a Google adwords retargeting add to follow up with them.  We like this powerful synergy — get in touch with us and we’ll show you how it works.

Retargeting with email

An article on retargeting working with email (illustration above) over at MailChimp’s blog, states that, “A good marketing principle to keep in mind is that most people need to hear your message 7 times before they decide to buy your product or service. And combining email with retargeting is an easy way to build visibility for your brand. Google has found that you can sell 50% more stuff when you combine retargeting with other channels.”

There is no company that doesn’t want to “sell more stuff”, but you have to be smart about your retargeting. According to Search Engine Land, “If you really want to get the most out of your retargeting, you can’t just show the same message and hope it works better the second time around. Effective retargeting is more than just repeating yourself to a potential customer.”

To learn more about how to use these ads to attract customers, we’ve published a series of articles on digital advertising for you. When you need a team of seasoned Adwords and Facebook pros, contact us for a quote based on your goals and objectives.

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