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Webdirexion has a niche focus helping hotels & inns achieve increased profitability via smart, progressive marketing practices and here we write articles with tips and tactics for innkeepers and hoteliers.  We’re members of the Professional Assn. of International Innkeepers, and the Association of Independent Hospitality professionals to stay in touch with needs and solutions in the industry.

One great way we can help Hotels grow their revenues is by converting more site visitors that are not yet ready to make a reservation, but will get on a mailing list.  We go over how we do this in our new book on CRO — Conversion Rate Optimization.  The diagram at right shows “conversions” as #4 in the R.A.C.E. marketing cycle — a smart model we use to connect strategy to actionable analytics to measurable tactics.

We believe that today’s hotel & inn marketing managers must stay on top of the opportunities that come from new technologies and related strategic advantages.  And there’s no substitute for persuasive content marketing, smart social media promotions, and conversion rate optimization for more leads.  You may also like to sign-up for our monthly INNside newsletter.  We also have a series of helpful articles on hotel and inn marketing solutions for you to read here.

Twitter Lead Ads to Email

Twitter Ads: Leads to MailChimp Campaign

Imagine leveraging your Twitter followers (and — shsss… those of other businesses) to gather leads direct to MailChimp for automated response marketing. Thanks to smart targeting and integrations it’s possible.

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Hotel Marketing -- Questions & Answers 1

Hotel Marketing — Questions & Answers

In our recent webinar for PAII, we received some good questions about optimizing hotel landing pages. We answered some during the webinar, then did some research and have more answers on hotel marketing with examples for your here.

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Smart Ways To Book More Rooms 2

Smart Ways To Book More Rooms

Below is a recent webinar we did for Hoteliers and Innkeepers on “Smart Ways To Book More Rooms” in conjunction with Checkfront* — an innovative cloud booking service with some unique marketing features. (see also our post on Hotel Marketing Q & A)... » Read More
Edenwild Inn social strategies

Optimize Your Hotel’s Social Media Presence

When it come’s to your hotel’s social media presence, you can really stand out by selling different benefits and experiences on each social venue. That’s right — you’re not selling a “Bed and Breakfast Inn” or a “Hotel.” Huh? We’ll look at a Hotel and an Inn that demonstrate what this means and review how to use similar tactics.

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AirBnb vs. BnBs in Seattle

We reviewed AirBnB vs. BnBs in Seattle and found a number of interesting opportunities when you add things up. Is it Apple to Oranges in this comparison? Maybe. But why not serve them an Orange?

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