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Healthcare Marketing  ArticlesWhat’s the magic pill for Healthcare marketing? The answer is that strategies and tactics vary based on your products, services and target personas. Webdirexion has learned (we currently have five clients in Healthcare), that after industry concepts like HIPAA and hospital revenue cycles are respected, it boils down to a formula like this:

Inbound Marketing + Media Placement + Social Media + Content Marketing Strategy

So we publish articles here to keep you up to date on tactics and strategies for healthcare marketing professionals.

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How to Rock Dental Office Marketing Campaigns

Dental Office Marketing

Our dental office marketing strategy focuses on using conversion rate optimization and best SEO practices to help build a foundation of trust to attract new patients.

Trust. It’s the key principle when it comes to choosing a dental office. Patients are looking for a team of dental professionals they can trust. They need to trust them to take care of their teeth safely while working under sedation. Trust them with their smile. Trust them to enter their personal space. In reality, the entire dental experience is quite intimate. Therefore, the relationships between patients and their dental professionals are more personal than those with other business service providers, such as mechanics for example. As dental marketing professionals, our job is to help dentists and their offices create this trust with the public by putting their greatest benefits and guarantees at the forefront of our marketing efforts.

At Webdirexion, we have a long history of working with clients in the healthcare industry. As such, it was a natural acquisition when we began digital marketing work with dental clients in 2016. I personally began working intensively with dental clients more than a year ago, so I was eager to work with both Padden Dental and Cascade Dental with Webdirexion.

As a team, we decided it’s time we provide an update on some dental clinic marketing work we have been up to this last year. In this article, we will review some of the things we’ve learned with an eye on lessons that could apply to other businesses as well. (more…)

Online Healthcare Marketing – Mayo Clinic

English: Mayo Clinic Rochester Minnesota - Gon...

English: Mayo Clinic Rochester Minnesota – Gonda Building (3rd Avenue SW) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not so long ago healthcare marketing was seen as being faintly unseemly if not downright unethical. In fact a paper titled, Physicians’ and consumers’ conflicting attitudes toward health care advertising by F.B. Krohn and C. Flynn, published back in 2001 was dedicated to exploring the differing opinion between doctors and patients regarding advertising medical services.

At the time, many medical professionals saw advertising as ‘…potentially unethical, misleading, deceptive and likely to lead to price increases.’  Consumers on the other hand, those potential patients, felt that healthcare advertising led, “…to higher consumer awareness of services, better services, promotes competitive pricing, and lowers rather than raises health care costs.”

One can only hope that those physicians opposed (more…)

Social Media and Healthcare Marketing – Live Tweeting

Healthcare Marketing - Scanadu

Modern day personal medical devices are reminiscent of body scanners used in Star Trek.

At Webdirexion we often comment on how much our working lives have changed in the last twenty years. However, amazing as it has been for us to ride the wave of internet development how much more incredible must the journey have been for those in healthcare?

Not even touching upon the scientific progress that has been made in practical medical equipment like CT-Scans  or modern day prosthetics, just look at what a difference the internet and mobile technology has made to the medical professions. Take ThermoDock and Scanadu as examples. Who would’ve thought (more…)

Mobile Healthcare Marketing

Webdirexion Healthcare Marketing Solutions

Quick… which site is more ready to engage mobile site visitors and why? We’ll analyze that question in this article.

According to the excellent MM&M/Ogilvy CommonHealth – Healthcare Marketing Trend Report, healthcare marketing spend in 2013 is forecast to show a slight dip while that segment of budget related to digital marketing is on the rise. With the number of adults turning to the internet to research health and treatment options, compare prices and seek doctor reviews it is not surprising that this would be so. Is your healthcare marketing site mobile ready?

According to the Pew Internet Mobile Health 2012 Report :

  • 85% of U.S. adults own a mobile phone
  • Of these 53% own smartphones
  • 52% of smartphone owners gather health information on their phones

Of course a great website is key to healthcare marketing on the internet  – as long as (more…)

Online Healthcare Marketing – Scott and White Healthcare

According to the How America Searches: Health and Wellness Report by Noah Elkin, of iCrossing, the internet is the most widely used resource for health information. When the report was published in 2008 it stated that:

  • 59% of adults used online resources to obtain health and wellness information
  • 55% go to their doctor
  • 29% talk to relatives, friends or co-workers.

Obviously there is an overlap – presumably because some people use more than one method of accessing healthcare information. If this report were published today,  you would expect the percentage of those using the internet to source health related information to be even higher given the constant growth of the sector of the public which regularly accesses the internet.

Any hospital or private clinic that is not making full use of the internet as a healthcare marketing channel is most definitely losing out on (more…)

Health Marketing, Funnels, and Tactics

Opportunities for Health Marketers to pick up their game?  You bet.  Last week I wrote about five ways to perfect your internet marketing funnel to engage targeted prospects and move them toward becoming customers, and now I want to specifically apply that thinking for the health marketing field. We have several clients in this industry, and I am attending the Health Summit of Content Marketing in Cleveland next week and have been doing some research on same.

Four funnel marketing goals…

In general, medical and health B2B companies need to get more comfortable in boosting social connections and using content marketing tactics.  To see what I mean, below, we’ll look at a couple of medical/health companies that will be in attendance at the Health Summit — BioEnterprise, and Cook Medical.

WebDirexion Marketing Solutions Formula

Webdirexion uses the marketing tactics from circles at left above to pull target personas into the four goal path in your marketing sales funnel at right.

I’ll tell you why I believe they  need to focus their marketing better on the following four goal steps in the marketing funnel (more…)