Driven by Leads

Every business needs more qualified leads.  That’s a major goal in the connection cycle marketing race.

With Smart Strategy

We use R.A.C.E. for a strategic paradigm. Reaching new business connections is an important focus.

The Right Tactics

We employ smart tactics from ads to CRO to lead nurturing that match strategy objectives.

Webdirexion Digital Marketing Services

Our Digital Marketing Services

Webdirexion RACE Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy & Consulting:  We use the smart "R.A.C.E." model for marketing plans, audits, & analytics consulting.

Webdirexion Videos

Compelling Online Videos: We script, direct and produce videos designed to engage and tell your story well.  Standard interview style, animated, & whiteboard videos.

Webdirexion Content Marketing

Content Marketing:  We form an editing team with your staff and focus on Blog Marketing + Social Media + SEO tactics + Inbound Marketing.

Webdirexion Lead Gathering

Lead Gathering:  We do A/B testing, landing page optimization so you can convert more visitors to customers & gather more qualified leads.

Webdirexion Automated Marketing

Automated Marketing:  Now you have leads, what next?  Use smart automation to score, and trigger automated emails and sales actions.

Webdirexion Advertising

Online Advertising:  We help you target the right prospects and boost posts on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other venues.

Webdirexion Websites

Smart, Mobile Ready Websites:  We're a WordPress house, so that's already smart.  We optimize for mobile & SEO and... add smart forms.

Webdirexion Content Strategy & CRO Training

CRO & Content Strategy Training:  We will train your team to triple and quadruple leverage content plus use smart CRO — Conversion Rate Optimization.

Some recent work examples…

St. Malachi Site

R.A.C.E. Marketing Plus Custom WordPress Sites: All of the websites shown at left are WordPress custom designs on the Genesis platform or a custom child theme for “Elegant Themes”, with on-site SEO, slideshows, business blogs and other custom creative and interface solutions. For a number of retainer clients we provide Content Marketing, Social Media, and Advertising campaigns. We always begin with the end goal of gathering more qualified leads for our clients.  We help you win your race — with an eye on converting more visitors to qualified leads you can close.  Contact us for prompt quotes.  The bottom line?  More leads, better ROI.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Hotel Client: With Scott and Webdirexion I had found everything I am looking for and the results are always incredible. What I like the most is that Scott and my Webdirexion team work with you on every detail and are always one step ahead in order to offer the best service for WordPress site development and online marketing.  

Alicia Repetto

Marketing Director, Croc's Hotel & Casino Resort

Healthcare Client: WebDirexion was instrumental in seamlessly migrating both of our corporate websites to WordPress, while restructuring the websites and associated analytics around a defined content management strategy and recurring updates to content, intended to maximize SEO.  They played an essential part in the launch of a recent marketing campaign to create and integrate dynamic multimedia content, including videos, whitepapers, and blog posts created to drive traffic to the site and generate leads. Scott’s team helped create and define a strategy to test the message for this campaign, and delivered A/B testing and analytics to track and measure results to adjust our SEO strategy and promote our offerings.  

Nick Davis

VP Marketing & Product Development, The SSI Group

Brand Strategy Client:  I have had the great pleasure to work with Scott on many projects over the years. Some were large such as a branding initiative for a multinational company and some were quite small for local businesses. Each success is due in a great part to Scott’s leadership. Scott is without a doubt, one of the easiest people to work with I have known. He is able to effectively communicate highly technical information in ways all parties can understand. His professionalism, his good humor, his ability to work a problem to a reasonable solution is one of his many hallmarks. I highly recommend him as a marketing professional.

Steve Smith

Creative Director, CEO, Smith Creative Group

Get CRO Tips, Plus

Tell us what’s on your mind, and we’ll send 25 Conversion Tips plus… a R.A.C.E. Marketing Checklist

Get More Leads Today... With Webdirexion

race marketing checklist from webdirexion.

Our strategies and tactics are focused digital marketing that brings you more qualified leads you can close.  Just reply and we will send you some great CRO tips to help you grow leads.

RACE Marketing Strategy from Webdirexion RACE Marketing Strategy from Webdirexion
Smart WordPress Sites from Webdirexion Smart WordPress Sites from Webdirexion
Get more leads with Webdirexion Get more leads with Webdirexion
Connection Cycle Marketing with Webdirexion Connection Cycle Marketing with Webdirexion

What’s the Right Solution?

SURVEY:  B2B Marketers Need the Following Tactics:

  • Website vistors 63%
  • Sales Lead Quality 49%
  • Higher Conversion Rates 48%
  • Search Engine Optimization/Marketing 39%

(Source: Content Marketing Institute)

Our Process:  Goal = Sales. Optimize a smartly designed WordPress site for conversions. Make mobile ready. Use smart forms. Test. Use R.A.C.E. content strategy to determine best tactics. Use CRO. Connect. Convert. Repeat.

Webdirexion RACE Marketing Strategy

R.A.C.E. Marketing Cycle

R.A.C.E. = Reach. Act. Convert. Engage.  

We follow this strategic framework for your marketing solutions.  Click a tab to learn more.

Reach involves smart SEO + Public Relations/Media Outreach + Social Media Marketing.

ReachSome call this “Inbound Marketing” — we think of it as reach.  You’re building awareness and asking smartly targeted personas to learn more about you, your products and your services. We reach prospects using a smart mix of SEO, Public Relations and Social Media tools and tactics including listening and engaging with tools like Hootsuite Pro and; public relations promoted stories and press releases; and often boosted posts on social venues like Facebook.  We have team members that specialize in each major social media venue. We meet virtually with your team for screensharing and via video conferencing.

You’re working with specialists in programming, marketing, SEO, Social Media, WordPress, CRO, and lead nurturing — a wider skill set than any single in-house marketing person has. We’re your outsourced marketing department.

Act. Nurture the leads. Grow them into sales. Build your business.

ActOnce you have new leads, you need to act — in a smart, coordinated fashion. We start with smart website forms that gather the information you need to do business intelligently.  Next we look at your CRM and how to optimize your sales process for efficient progress toward sales goals.  Don’t have one or dissatisfied with your current provider?  No problem.  We enjoy working with OnePageCRM for small to mid-size businesses and also have worked with ZOHO and Salesforce (and a couple of others).

One of the smartest part of the “act” process is setting up automated follow-ups. Sometimes called “drip marketing”, this usually involves a series of email communications (we like MailChimp for this) along with prompted live sales calls.  We’ll help you set-up a monthly automatic eNewsletter so you can triple-leverage your blog posts.

Convert. Landing Page Optimizations.  A/B Testing.  More Leads.

ConvertThis is where the magic happens. Conversions. Content can only get you so far. Once you’ve engaged your target audience, you need to convert them from visitors to leads. Only then will you have a real connection and a viable prospect to use your services and products. We examine your site, navigation flow, and entire acquisition process from ads to website to emails for improvements in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). We’ve helped clients increase leads from landing pages from 15% to 100%. Campaigns using these tactics often pay for themselves very quickly. Our methodology includes smart heatmaps, Google Content Experiments, the Nelio WordPress platform for holistic testing (heatmaps, A/B testing, widget tests, headline tests, navigation tests), and other testing platforms like VWO (Visual Website Optimizer) depending on your project requirements.

Engage:  Capture Attention & Use Powerful Stories for an Emotional Handshake.

EngageEngagement happens both before and after a sale.  We practice Content Marketing for this and that involves tactics ranging from blog marketing to whitepapers to newsletters to videos.  But we’ll boil it all down to this… tell a compelling story, and get the “emotional handshake.”  People buy on emotions (not logic).  People buy from those they feel they know. Using Content Marketing strategies you can create thought leader recognition for key managers and connection people in your organization. We craft stories and articles and WordPress blogs and promoted releases that engage and create an authentic connection. That’s because we see marketing as a continuous connection cycle.  And only after a real warm connection will you close a sale.  To do this, we bring a team of smart SEO editors and corporate journalists who partner with you to publish compelling stories.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have a lot of services, so it's hard to tell where to start?

You should start with a smart marketing plan, and our R.A.C.E. framework is a good way to develop one.  We will write a comprehensive plan for five to eight credits (range depends on scope of your business and online properties).  Here are three strong persuasive tactics to consider right away:

  1. Triple leverage your blog posts:  the first leverage is SEO savvy posts/articles themselves which serve to get ranked on Google so more prospects can find you and engage; then you set the same posts to automatically go out into major social venues to extend reach; and finally, set select posts to automatically go out monthly in an eNewsletter to engage both leads and customers.
  2. Videos.  The internet is dancing rapidly toward more of this content.  If a picture is worth a thousand words think about what you can present in a smartly written and produced video?  We will be pleased to provide you with three general types of videos — animations (great when you have a scene to present but do not have the budget for actors); a hand sketch “explainer” video, and actual in person interview and on location videos.  All include professional script writing and voice overs.
  3. CRO.  Conversion Rate Optimization is perhaps the tactice that offers the best return on your marketing investment in the shortest time.  How so?  In a nutshell you test ads, landing pages, and emails so you may gather more leads and close more sales.

How long do campaigns take?

This depends on the strategy and tactics employed. Smaller campaigns require 2-4 weeks. Quarterly campaigns of three months or longer tend to produce longer lasting results.

What's CRO all about?

CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimization. One example of a “conversion” is what happens when a visitor to your website  fills out a form becoming (converting) to a lead and taking one step closer to being a new customer fo you. This single focus alone will streamline your advertising, website and email marketing to focus like a laser on lead gathering. Our founder and “Chief Optimizer”, Scott Frangos, has a new book out on CRO — The Marketer’s Concise Guide to CRO (see in side it on Amazon).

How can I get a quote?

Two ways.  Send us an outline of your needs above, and we will send a prompt traditional quote.  Or, consider our Credit based ordering module, see other Q & A here, and we will send you details on pre-ordering a standard campaign. This gives you a price break when you pay up front.

How do we save with Credits?

First, we’ve already deducted 5% from our normal work estimates.  Why?  With credits, you pay up front, and we don’t need go through an estimating process.  Then, the more you buy, the more you save, starting at 5 credits:

2 Credits: $500 (min.);

3 Credits: $750;

4 Credits: $1000;

5 Credits: $1200 (save 4%);

6 Credits: $1425 (save 5%);

7 Credits: $1662 (save 5%);

8 Credits: $1880 (save 6%);

12 Credits: $2820 (save 6%);

20 Credits: $4650 (save 7%)

Go Order

Are Credits Flexible?

Yes. We prioritize tasks based on marketing objectives. We recognize that different clients will need different tasks and use different tools. Some already have a Facebook page, for example. When you buy credits (or work via a custom quote or retainer agreement), we meet and determine the best combination of tactics for you every month.

What are your special niche areas?

Our team has experience and niche focus in marketing for hotels and inns; healthcare (five clients); financial services and law firms.  We have a history in online education and field our own courses at our division, COMP — College of Marketing Pros.  We have also helped a diverse range of clients from specialty foods to printing ink manufacturers to training and publishing groups.  We’re more B2B than B2C now, but we have experience in eCommerce and current clients that market direct to the public.

What are your skill sets and expertise?

We like to point out that when you hire Webdirexion, you get an embedded marketing team with a diverse range of skills you just can’t find in one person for about half the annual cost of salary and benefits for one in-house professional.  We have teams of three – four teammates in the areas of Marketing strategy, SEO Editing, Content Creation,  Programming, Technical Support including security and hosting, WordPress administration, Social Media Marketing, and Online Advertising.  There are three of us that bring project management services as well. Typically, on a full service marketing project, you will work with a project manager, two writers/marketers, plus a technical support person and WordPress administrator.  We meet virtually via Skype, Google Hangouts, and teleconference with screensharing.

What is your guarantee?

It’s been the same during 30 years of business. You are satisfied or we make it right. Period.

About WordPress

Do you work on other sites not built with WordPress?

For marketing campaigns — yes. When we build a site, it is always done to top standards — on the market leading WordPress platform.

Are your WordPress sites Mobile Ready?

Yes.  We offer a couple of options — a pure responsive site build (gracefully resizes for smaller device screens); and a mobile app-like interface that gives you the advantage of a different design “skin” and UI while using the same content but not disturbing your website optimized for desktop visitors.  We build both using WordPress.  Contact us for details.

Do you offer maintenance plans for WordPress?

Absolutely. Three annual plans combine backups, plus tech. support, plus uptime monitoring, plus smart forms, plus security, plus speed testing, plus analytics… and more — » learn more.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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