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The Webdirexion Sled Team, left to right:  Scott, Miranda, Serhii (who gets his revenge after being hit with a snowball), Julie and Wendy.

The Webdirexion Sled Team, left to right: Scott (Chief Optimizer), Miranda (Content Wrestler), Serhii (Programming Ninja), Julie (SEO Maven), and Wendy (Project Chauffeur).  Sherri is not in this race (only 5 allowed on the slopes), but will appear in a forthcoming video.

Quick… what would be a great way to unwind after all that online, digital, content, internet marketing work?  A sled race, a la Jib Jab, of course.

We were inspired to create the following video for our Holiday Greetings in the spirit of fun and good humor when one on our team, Sherri Gutierrez (Marketing Consultant), did her own greeting using the same tool.  We’re reproducing our sled race here, in case you missed it, and we do wish you a Happy New Year — watch it below.

But beyond the good fun, here are some technical social media marketing points for consideration:

  • We’ve already heard back from several clients, prospects, and friends that they had a great laugh and really enjoyed the video.  Content marketing, in the end, is all about Connection.
  • The “card” serves triple duty as an emailed greeting, a video on our YouTube channel, and for use in this blog post which can then be further amplified in tweets.
  • Jib Jab, the media company that makes these productions possible, scores big on both a monthly subscription basis (very affordable), and also garnered a $1.99 fee required to buy the video which then allowed us to upload it to our YouTube channel — yet another Connection venue for us.
  • YouTube has some newer enhancement and special effects controls which we applied to brighten things up.

And now to the sled race, which might be better titled, Revenge of Serhii…

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