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COMP - College of Marketing Pros - Digital Marketing Courses Online

Webdirexion has launched COMP 2.0 – the site for Digital Marketing learning online.

How do you keep your marketing skills up to date in a time of rapid change?  Digital Marketing is a vastly changing landscape and when you consider all the new SaaS vendors and consequent tactics it is more like a fast-moving kaleidoscope. For the past several years, our Webdirexion team, I am proud to say, has kept on their game by completing online marketing courses.  Plus I have a course on WordPress Content Marketing I am updating and one on Conversion Rate Optimization set to launch soon.

So, we are pleased to announce COMP (a division of Webdirexion LLC) — College of Marketing Pros — 2.0 has been launched and totally revitalized with a new UI design and over 50 new courses added.  Courses range from Advertising to Sales Funnels; Copywriting to Marketing Strategy.

Some of the best features of these Digital Marketing Courses Online:

  • Lifetime access — pay once and you have access to the learning for the duration.  Brush up on your skills from year to year.  Many instructors update their lectures and materials every so often.
  • Access to a well-reviewed (we have curated only those courses with 4 Star+ ratings) instructor for Q and A.
  • View the course on the desktop, mobile, via apps, or on TV.
  • Get your learning wherever you are — at Starbucks, in bed, on vacation (hey wait… shouldn’t you be away from the screen then?)
  • Over 50 new courses added recently… more to come.
  • We look specifically for subject matter that is for career-oriented marketers.  For instance, there are many “blogging for beginners” courses out there, but we expect marketers to understand blogging and want to take their skills to the next level.  So we look for intermediate to advanced strategies and tactics.  Not all marketers have video experience, however, so there are some Bootcamp level video courses in our directory.
Webdirexion Launches COMP 2.0 Digital Marketing Courses Online 1

Higher Education is using more online technologies as this chart from Wikimedia Commons shows.  Each learning platform is different.  Udemy, the underlying provider of courses we curate at COMP has put a lot of work into simplification of its system over the past few years. (click to enlarge)

Our vision for COMP is to continue to curate and offer the best digital marketing courses online.  Right now we offer these courses in partnership with Udemy, and for disclosure purposes — we do receive compensation for same.  We will continue reviewing, curating, adding and teaching courses to help those focused on marketing, succeed in their careers.

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