New Video + Cheatsheet: 6 Power Tactics to Increase Sales in 6 Months...

The Busy Marketing Director's Content Leverage Guide (and mini-class)

New Video & Cheatsheet - 6 Power Tactics 1

  • Top tips to extend your reach and make more sales
  • How to optimize for search engines the smart way & boost organic traffic
  • Extend your content leverage into social media and mailboxes
  • A secret plugin that automates social posts without robo-posting
  • How to amplify your authority so you become the go to thought leader
  • A smart sales tool easily generated from your content

New Video & Cheatsheet - 6 Power Tactics 2Do you have content you’d like to leverage for more qualified leads and sales in six months or less?  Are your C-level managers on your case for content to prove out for ROI?  Great, then.  This cheatsheet and video overview (a mini-class) will take less than 45 minutes of your time, but enable you to increase your sales within six months or less.  I like to call it the quadruple content leverage system-plus.  We have perfected this system over the past decade and use it for all our digital marketing clients. I’m Scott Frangos, Chief Optimizer and Founder of Webdirexion LLC, and I’ll meet you on the next page after you send for the cheatsheet, so we can walk through it together.  There’s no obligation and I’ll even provide a way for you to get more questions answered — live, at no obligation to you.

Scott helped market and position Provider Advantage for a successful multi-million dollar sale after close to 15 years of marketing collaboration.  “Scott became a partner and patiently led us through the web development process. He spent countless hours discussing the issues and how to best structure the site to meet our objectives. He not only developed the site but went through the process to be sure we received visibility in search engines. This was around 1997, think what he could do today! Once that project was complete, we immediately hired Scott to revamp our marketing materials. He developed a number of creative ideas and concepts and then created a format that we could use in the future. The format was so well done, what we still develop a number of our marketing materials around his format ten years later. “

Ted Tomkins

Former CEO, Retired, Provider Advantage

Webdirexion took this 160 room resort from $11,000 per month in on site room bookings to $40,000+ in under four months using the tactics in the Webdirexion Surge System Solution™.  “With Scott and Webdirexion I had found everything I am looking for and the results are always incredible. What I like the most is that Scott and Webdirexion work with you on every detail and are always one step ahead in order to offer the best service for WordPress site development and online marketing.”

Alicia Repetto

Marketing Director, Croc's Casino Resort

Follow the proven set of tactics explained in the cheatsheet — all of them for a powerful synergy — and video and you will increase your sales!

New Video & Cheatsheet - 6 Power Tactics 3