More Leads:  Learn Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Playing Ball on Running Water…

I always liked that metaphor for the challenge we face playing marketing ball in the internet ocean that sloshes and churns every week with new technologies, tools and tactics.

Scott Frangos, President of Webdirexion LLC

Scott Frangos serves as “chief optimizer” for Webdirexion.

Hi… I’m Scott Frangos, your chief optimizer here at Webdirexion, and we recognize the need to help marketing professionals stay up on the latest techniques.

CRO Guide Book -- Look Inside at Amazon

Paperback $17.99
Kindle $7.99

I have a new book out on CRO — Conversion Rate Optimization — smart ways to gather more qualified business leads.  You can learn more about it by clicking the book image at right and taking a look inside it at  It’s one of our primary focuses at Webdirexion and I wrote the book for three main reasons:

1) Every business needs more qualified leads.

2) Content is not king — connections that happen after a site visitor converts to a lead are what counts.

3) Your latest web design is just a best guess at what will work.

The book’s a quick read, but we’ve managed to pack a lot of tips and tool reviews in it so you can learn quickly and start using CRO for success in your marketing efforts.  Watch for the companion online course — CRO Power — coming soon.  And, we also have some bulk ordering options for corporate trainers and marketing instructors.

Customized Training for Marketing Departments & Teams

Scott and the Webdirexion team will create a customized CRO training based on your specific marketing objectives.  We will provide a book for all in the course, and take notes on specific products, services, landing pages, target markets and lead gathering goals.  After we chat, we will produce a training that works your team through solutions for your own business and website.  Contact us today and provide some preliminary information, then we will contact you to get more details.

Lead Gathering Solutions:  Marketing Consultation with Scott…

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CRO is just one of the tactics we use in our race across the ocean of marketing solutions.  In fact, “R.A.C.E.” — Reach, Act, Convert, Engage — is the acronym we use to describe our marketing strategy framework, and CRO is just one of the tactics we employ.  You can download an overview of this framework at left and review the method we use to make your campaigns successful.

CRO, SEO, SEM, PPC, KPI… there are a lot of TLA’s — Three Letter Acronyms — in this business.  It can get confusing trying to make everything fit together.  That’s why I’m pleased to chat with you for fifteen minutes or so to review the weak points in your current marketing game plan and look for ways to optimize your strategies and tactics.

Use my pop-up form to suggest a [field name=”Set-Scott-Chat”].  We’ll decide if you need a one hour intensive where I will improve key landing page results at your site — a content marketing audit, or a longer term campaign with the Webdirexion team.

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