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Webdirexion knows how to help you increase your occupancy rates.

Are you working hard at your Inn, but only seeing 38%-45% occupancy rates?  Looking for efficient ways to manage inventory on OTA and GDS system? Put a team of experienced hotel marketing specialists to work on: Prospective Guest Lead Gathering campaigns to build your marketing list, and bring back more qualified visitors who book at your site — saving OTA fees Actively managed “Content Marketing” campaigns with SEO + Blog Marketing + Drip Marketing 24/7 mobile-ready booking on your website — plus, push your room inventory out to popular Online Travel Agencies Accept payments online and at your front desk — integrates with POS & Accounting systems Increase annual occupancy rates with promotional options built into the booking system Select from a variety of OTAs includingTripAdvisor,, Expedia, AirBnB, Travelocity,, and GDS — Global Distribution System options via “myallocator” system. Save time – get off the phone with automatic inventory management & paperless invoicing

A Powerful System for Profitability…

Webdirexion Hotel Lead Campaigns

Lead Campaigns

More Leads Boost Occupancy Rates

Why let a website visitor leave without getting on your mailing list?  So many Inns and Hotels can easily gather more prospective leads, and Webdirexion is ideally set up to help you do with with smart A/B tested landing pages, forms that send the right information at the right time, and experienced PPC ad specialists. Compare:  We’ll focus on measurable guest lead gathering results based on experience with other clients.

Mobile Ready

Mobile User Ready

 Mobile Ready Website

More people are using smartphones and tablets to review your property each year —® has had over 20 million downloads of its mobile hotel booking app.  Webdirexion helps you get more reservations from mobile visitors by making your website booking module “responsive” for the user (easier to navigate with fingers when on small phone screens, etc.).  We also optimize your entire site for mobile device users. Compare:  Competitors claim they make mobile ready systems… but how many are actually easy to use on a smart phone?

Management Reports

The reports you need to succeed.

 Management Profitability Focus

Integrated POS systems are available for properties with restaurants and gift shops.  Save time with integrated accounting programs and 50+ other programs. Get the reports you need to increase your property’s profitability.  Reports include Cash Out; Monthly Booking Volume, Promotions; and a Marketing Campaign Overview report. Compare:  Our system offers over 50 integrations including accounting automation with either Zero Accounting, or Quickbooks.  You can use an online CPA to save more time.

Cloud bookings

Cloud books & payment systems

 More Bookings at Your Website

Why pay OTA fees when you don’t have to? Now travelers can book online from a phone, tablet or computer at your site, with the best mobile interface. Plus, use for front desk reservations with a credit card reader.  Integrate with POS for your coffeeshop and gift shop.  Push inventory to OTAs if desired. And you get  24/7 support.  Utilize powerful “partner” features to ally yourself with local tour, festival, and guide businesses. Compare:  Do you have paperless invoicing, calendar syncing, automated reminders, Daily, nightly & hourly allotments, and International language & currencies in your current system?

Online Marketing for HOtels

Online marketing with measurable results

 Compelling Digital Marketing Campaigns

Now you have a great site and booking engine… get people there, then bring them back to reserve rooms. We offer packages for Blog Marketing + SEO + Social Media + PPC advertising. Plus monthly support. And, our focus is on measurable results for Property Brochure Downloads; eMail Marketing; Special Promotions; and of course — Reservations.  Plus, we’ll help you partner with local tour operators and other business allies. Compare:  You get a seasoned team of hotel marketing specialists focused on results for about half the cost of one full-time salaried employee.

Marketing Plans for Small InnsSmall Inn Marketing Package Marketing Package (Under 12 rooms):  One optimized lead-gathering campaign to grow your prospects. We build a smart, integrated marketing website and use blog marketing + SEO + Social Media + eMail Marketing to bring you direct bookings, helping you maximize your profit margins. Services include cloud-based booking, inventory management, and front-desk credit card acceptance with paperless invoice options.

Marketing Plans for HotelsMid-size Inn & Hotel  Marketing Package (12 – 80 rooms): Two lead gathering campaigns to help you grow prospects.We build a smart, integrated marketing website and use blog marketing + SEO + Social Media + eMail Marketing to bring you direct bookings, helping you maximize your profit margins. Facebook and Google AdWords management are also included. Services include cloud-based booking, inventory management, front-desk credit card acceptance with paperless invoice options, MailChimp, and CRM systems.

We’ve got you covered:  Hosting + Smart WordPress Site + Content Marketing/SEO + Social Media + Cloud Reservations + Lead Gathering Landing Pages (CRO)!


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Association of Independent Hospitality Professionals Webdirexion is a member of the Professional Association of Innkeepers International Webdirexion is a member of the the Association of Independent Hospitality Professionals and the Professional Association of Innkeepers International

Your Webdirexion Hotel Marketing Team… 

Scott Frangos

Scott Frangos

Chief Optimizer

Scott serves as Chief Optimizer and Strategist for Webdirexion and with a long career in Marketing, Scott has experience going back to the late 1990’s in online reservation systems and marketing for Inns and Hotels.

Margot Hall

Margot Hall

Content Guide

Margot Hall is a content expert with a background in editing, writing, and project management in the travel and hospitality industries. A world traveler and serial expat, when she’s not learning new languages, she’s translating ideas into action.

Julie Hume

Julie Hume

SEO Marketing Wizard

Julie improves your SEO standings, and boosts your social klout… as a long time marketing professional, she once worked as Marketing Director for a chain of hotels in Thailand.

Miranda Booher

Miranda Booher

Content Triage Nurse

Miranda is an all around team player, writer, editor and smart forms specialist and also serves as project manager for our hotel and resort client in Costa Rica – Croc’s Casino Resort.

Serhii Basenko

Serhii Basenko

Programming Ninja

Serhii is our programming wiz who sets up your website, mobile solution, and cloud booking.

Era Diaz

Era Diaz

Marketing Consultant

Era is our Marketing Sherpa — carrying the plan to gather more guests for your hotel.

Client’s Say:

With Scott and the Webdirexion team, I have found everything I am looking for and the results are always incredible. What I like the most is that Scott and Webdirexion work with you on every detail and are always one step ahead in order to offer the best service for WordPress site development and online marketing.

Alicia Repetto

Marketing Manager, Croc's Casino Resort, Costa Rica

I would definitely recommend WebDirexion for anyone trying to get the most out of their website. I’ve worked with Scott Frangos, on a number of initiatives involving WordPress, SEO and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization). If you are looking to get more leads from your website, Scott and team will have your solution.”

Joe Pulizzi

CEO, Content Marketing Institute

Hotel Industry Statistics:

  • Percentage of Travelers Booking Rooms via Mobile Device on Expedia 72%
  • Percentage of industry mobile booking overall (growing each month) 31%
  • Percent of Room Rates at $100 or more (AHLA) 50%
  • Abandonment rate from online booking systems (people start then give up) 81%
  • Average Percent Paid to OTA’s for Room Bookings 15%
  • Average Occupancy Rate (AHLA) 62%

Improving Property Profitability:  Following the Lodging industry stats above, let’s look at a 25 room Hotel with a $110 room rate and 60% overall occupancy a year = approximately $594,000 in gross room revenues.  If all your rooms were booked via OTAs, you would then subtract $89,100 (15% commission).   We still believe you need a presence on major OTA sites, but imagine if you could cut dependence back from OTAs with commissions, and so keep $25k – $35k more for your Hotel as a result?  Webdirexion will work with you with measurable reporting on goals like this.  We’ll do it by compelling more direct bookings on your website.

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