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What if blog post can convert visitors to customers? They can... and should. But initially your posts are about engaging prospects and customers as every good content marketer understands. After that, however, you can try a hybrid conversion strategy for posts performing well in SEO.]]>
Lifetime Customer Value for eCommerce Success https://webdirexion.com/news/lifetime-customer-value-for-ecommerce-results Sat, 25 Jul 2020 23:32:33 +0000 https://webdirexion.com/?p=206831 Webdirexion ecommerce solutions include a focus on CLV

Knowing and utilizing your Lifetime Customer Value LCV data is vital to your ecommerce business growth. It's what often separates small businesses from big businesses. It often determines the market and industry leaders. If you're not using LCV to drive your marketing and business strategy, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage.]]>
The Importance of Categories and Tags for SEO https://webdirexion.com/content-strategy/categories-and-tags-for-seo Sat, 25 Jul 2020 16:31:07 +0000 https://webdirexion.com/?p=206887 The Importance of Categories and Tags for SEO 1

Are you using WordPress categories and tags smartly for SEO? As you will find out, categories and tags aren't just great for SEO. They are also great for your audience, as they help them to easily find blogs on the topics they are interested in. Since it's great for search engines and for your audience – that's a winning combo!]]>
How We Extend Reach In Social Media https://webdirexion.com/inbound-marketing/social-media-marketing/extend-reach-in-social-media Sat, 25 Jul 2020 16:15:49 +0000 https://webdirexion.com/?p=206889 social media

You already know that our services include content marketing, automated marketing for lead nurturing, smart online advertising, and much more. And now, we’re offering social media management services. Specifically, we support our clients by using Blog2Social, a plugin that’s easy to install onto your WordPress blog. Using the plugin, we can push out tweets and […]]]>
YITH Gift Cards: Our Recommended Gift Card Ecommerce Solution https://webdirexion.com/online-marketing/our-recommended-gift-card-ecommerce-solution Tue, 30 Jun 2020 23:10:56 +0000 https://webdirexion.com/?p=207902 gift card ecommerce solution

Now you can offer virtual gift cards at your website. Your customers pick a design; choose an amount, enter an email and send a virtual gift card to a friend or family member who will then return and buy at your site.]]>
How to Shift Your Online Presence During These Changing Times https://webdirexion.com/online-marketing/how-to-shift-your-online-presence-during-these-changing-times Thu, 02 Apr 2020 20:37:31 +0000 https://webdirexion.com/?p=207578 How to Shift Your Online Presence During These Changing Times

You’ve heard it before and will likely hear it again many times in the coming weeks: We are living in unprecedented times. As everyone adjusts to a temporary new normal of working and living, you are likely wondering what changes should be made to your actual work (not just your working situation). In particular, adjusting […]]]>
Attract More Customers by Cashing in on WPForms and Stripe Add-on Feature https://webdirexion.com/wordpress-site-design/wpforms-with-a-stripe-add-on Tue, 21 Jan 2020 20:52:26 +0000 https://webdirexion.com/?p=207327 wpforms stripe add-on

If you need an effective way to receive payment, WPForms has an add-on feature called Stripe. With the Stripe add-on, there's now a simple way for customers to submit one-time fees. You can also collect subscriptions and recurring payments. Contact us today to learn how we can improve your website by developing your forms and setting up Stripe payments!]]>
Developing a Cornerstone Content Strategy https://webdirexion.com/inbound-marketing/cornerstone-content-strategy Wed, 08 Jan 2020 19:38:48 +0000 https://webdirexion.com/?p=28817 cornerstone content strategy

Cornerstone content should be at the center of your website. As you develop a variety of articles focused on your niche, you should always have SEO in the back of your mind. Incorporating categories and tags, focusing on your meta description, and fine-tuning content can bring more visitors to your website. Develop a cornerstone content strategy to improve click-throughs to your website and generate more traffic. ]]>
Why & How to Pull Organic Click-Throughs in Search https://webdirexion.com/content-strategy/organic-click-throughs-in-search Sat, 21 Dec 2019 19:49:53 +0000 https://webdirexion.com/?p=206852 Webdirexion SEO tactics for pulling organic click-throughs

Google Search Console (was Webmaster Tools) now tracks average CTR, including organic click-through rates, as one of its four main KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Learn how you can increase your CTR tactically as part of conversion rate optimization.]]>
4 Reasons to Use Chatbots for Conversions https://webdirexion.com/news/4-reasons-to-use-chatbots-for-conversions Tue, 12 Nov 2019 15:56:00 +0000 https://webdirexion.com/?p=206706 4 Reasons to Use Chatbots for Conversions 2

Learn ways to use smart chatbots to take care of customer service, reservations, promote PDF guides, suggest appointment times and more. Using chatbots for conversions saves you time, chat operator costs, and presents support to your visitors 24/7.]]>