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Top Conversion Tactics to Boost Ecommerce Sales 1

These conversion tactics will help your company succeed!

Having an online shop gives you unlimited potential to reach out to an audience and establish a loyal customer base. Converting visitors into customers is exciting, but initially, it doesn’t seem like an easy feat.

Of course, the ultimate goal for starting an ecommerce business online is to maximize profits. To achieve this, you should implement various strategies to boost ecommerce sales.

Competition is stiff and site visitors have a shorter user attention span, so you have to work extra hard to keep a user’s attention. Consumer behavior is also changing. Due to these factors, applying top conversion tactics to boost your ecommerce sales is essential.

Implementing the following techniques will result in converting current users into loyal customers. So let’s get started and dive into which conversion tactics will help your company succeed!

Top Conversion Tactics to Boost Ecommerce Sales

Boost Ecommerce Sales

1. Website Design

A properly maintained website is the heart of a successful business. To determine if your website is well designed, ensure that it has a friendly user interface. It should be easy for visitors to maneuver and click all links on the interface. The site should also have a fast loading speed coupled with a proper display.

For example, Webdirexion specializes in developing custom WordPress websites that have the following design elements:

  • Mobile friendly
  • Fast loading
  • Displays information in an easy to read format
  • Eye-catching and unique design

One of our recent website development projects for Power Mobility and Lifts has these design elements. Our goal was to create a customized website build that fits with their mobility equipment products. And we focused on the best ways to showcase their products so that their customers could find what they’re looking for.

On Power Mobility and Lifts’ home page, they explain who they are and what products they offer (lift chairs, scooters, and wheelchairs). This helps their customers get established on the website the moment they land on the page.

Website Build Designed to Convert Visitors With a Smart Design

Top Conversion Tactics to Boost Ecommerce Sales 2

Using these elements, you’re more likely to establish loyal customers. And that means if you continue to engage with your audience and listen to their needs, then they’ll become repeat customers!

By the way, we work with our smart designers to create responsive websites on the market-leading Divi theme platform. Using Divi and Woocommerce configuration, we create an engaging and well-thought-out website that encourages visitors to purchase products.

Have questions about our process of developing a WordPress website and configuring Woocommerce? Schedule a 15 minutes Q&A with our Chief Optimizer, Scott Frangos.

2. Paid Traffic

Paid traffic is any customer that visits your website after you have paid for a running advertisement. Various platforms offer services in paid traffic, including social media and search engines. Pay Per Click, which utilizes Google Ads, is one example of paid traffic. If well-executed, it will no doubt have a positive impact on your website. If you go with this option, you’ll have the power to set the number of clicks on ads you want to have daily.

Even though paying for advertisements seems expensive now, in the long run, it helps you get and retain website visitors. Of course, organic outreach is also effective, but if budget is a concern, intertwine the two.

3. Content Targeting

Content targeting is an ideal way to advertise your products to prospective consumers by sharing crucial information. You can generate content in articles, videos, and blogs and then post them online. To keep visitors glued to your website, your content should be relevant and interesting so that they are not misled by it when they click through the PPC.

There are many ways you can pull an audience in through well thought out content. Whatever content you display (i.e. videos and blog posts), don’t just slap it together. Content targeting means coming up with a strategy that will ensure your audience will want to stick around to see and read more.

Here are a few methods to keep in mind. Using these techniques, you’ll retain your audience’s attention through exceptional content:

  • Study and know your audience
  • Provide useful and relevant information
  • Make your writing easy to read
  • Come up with compelling headlines
  • Use storytelling to engage readers

As you can see, there are many ways to keep your customers’ attention. Remember, the goal is to keep them around so they’ll explore your website and make a purchase! Content plays a huge role in that, so the more compelling content you push out, the more likely you’ll create a loyal customer base.

4. Long-tail Keywords

Experts in online marketing understand that it is prudent to target customers late in the buying cycle through keywords. To achieve this, you should use targeted long-tail keywords, which are the three keywords that describe your product. It would help if you did this because any time customers use a certain search phrase, they have a particular product in mind. Besides, long-tail keywords are more profitable and easier to target.

Long-tail keywords make it so a user searching for a product online is more likely to find it. So, instead of using the broad keyword “floor mat,” you expand it to something more specific. A keyword such as “outdoor mat for patio” is more focused and more likely to attract a potential customer looking for a particular product.

5. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest yet most effective digital marketing strategies that allows you to send emails to prospects. Sending emails to subscribers is another fantastic way to boost ecommerce sales. After all, effective email marketing will quickly convert prospects to loyal customers. Although many businesses choose only to have a blog, we recommend having a newsletter in addition to a blog!

Here’s an example of part of a recent newsletter we composed for our client Public Market Coffee:

Top Conversion Tactics to Boost Ecommerce Sales 3

As you can see, we worked to engage their audience by offering a discount code for their coffee products. Announcing their coffee subscription was another element that was included.

A newsletter gives you the chance to keep your audience informed of anything you’d like. They can stay up to date on new products, product reviews and be informed of giveaways! And there’s also the option to write a blog post and send it via email. You’d be surprised how many readers will turn into customers due to your insightful and helpful blog post emails.

If you’ve yet to tap into newsletter marketing, we’d highly recommend it!

6. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a great tool for marketing so that your prospects can find your online shop. We mentioned long-tail keywords earlier and explained why they’re important. Keep in mind that they’re just one part of the SEO puzzle that will help your ecommerce website succeed.

SEO involves using specific and appropriate keywords related to what you are selling on your site. For example, when a user searches for “Keto-friendly gummy bears,” based on the keywords, relatable pages appear in the search results. We use a tool called SEMRush to help us and our clients come up with the best keywords to describe their products.

Ideal keywords for your products can also be identified by assessing your target audience and establishing what they search for in Google. It would help if you also used these keywords in content such as your blog and social media because your customers will become more familiar with them. And the more they see these keywords, the more it’ll help them associate certain products with your ecommerce site.

7. Online Press Release

An online press release helps you to get information about your product in a formal setting. Subsequently, newspapers and blogs can write posts regarding your brand without your input to connect and then claim the story.

Thanks to the world wide web, your customers and visitors can instantly read your press releases through email marketing and social media. And let’s not forget about your website!

As you craft press releases, don’t forget to link to other pages on your site. That way, as a brand, you can explain which products you are releasing and link to the pages where people can purchase them.

8. Affiliate Programs

An affiliate program is one of the top conversion tactics offered by an advertiser to promote their products based on a commission. By investing in an affiliate program, your customers will be able to promote your products using a dedicated link that sends traffic to your website. If the lead buys your products, the publisher receives a percentage of the sales. This strategy helps to expand your team by hiring third parties who get paid following a successful sale.

9. Contests and Giveaways

Consumers love contests, and they also love giveaways! Giving away free products is a great way to get customers interested in your products. And the good news is if they like the product enough, they’ll share it with all their friends.

Contests get people talking about your website, and as we mentioned, they will also share the content with their friends. In fact, if the contest’s rules include sharing a photo on Instagram, their photo can reach a brand new customer base. That’s pretty exciting!

So, use contests and giveaways to your advantage, but check each social platform’s rules before running them. It’s important to note what is and isn’t allowed before launching a contest or giving away products.

Final Thoughts

Driving repeat business is valuable for the growth of your product in that it improves brand engagement. To grow and retain customers, there are several things you can do. Creating an exceptional website and taking hold of the power of content marketing are just a few techniques to apply.

A prosperous ecommerce site takes a while to develop, so continue to work hard to build a devoted fan base. In time, customers will flock to your site, knowing your products are the best out there!

To learn how we can work with you to develop a successful ecommerce brand, contact us today!

Top Conversion Tactics to Boost Ecommerce Sales 4

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