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We’ll send an audit of your website with more information about our WordPress Care Plans — a $179 value!

WordPress Business Care Tech. & Growth Support Plans:

WordPress Care PLUS:  Webdirexion has provided smart technical support for WordPress websites for over twelve years. We also are uniquely suited to help your business grow.  We are the only company that combines WordPress expertise with Digital Marketing Strategy advice and Smart Forms on your plan. We cover you for daily backups, SEO, uptime monitoring, site speed (helps SEO), upgrades of themes, plugins, and WordPress itself, for spam and hacker protection and more. We’ve built our own themes.  Content work needed?  No problem.  We’ve managed 160 blogs on a WordPress “multi-site” installation.  We develop custom WordPress sites and child themes and love to keep you proactively up and running. Check out our complete support features below.


Your WordPress Business Support Care Plans:

*Webdirexion 1-2-3 Forms for marketing/ecommerce with live chat support is available Monday through Friday from 7am to 1:30pm Pacific and 7am to 4:30pm Eastern US (live support is for 1-2-3 forms only).  Webdirexion WordPress Care Plan pricing subject to change without notice.

Your Webdirexion Technical WordPress Care Includes:

Webdirexion WordPress Care Services

Content Strategy + Conversion Advice:  Yes, we’re experienced WordPress technicians, but we are also a digital marketing agency specializing in smart strategies and optimizations to improve your “conversions” (when a site visitor takes one step closer to doing business with you).

We published a book on CRO — Conversion Rate Optimization — where in B2B this means more leads, and in B2C it goes directly to increasing sales.  You’ll enjoy such consultations on our Standard and Enterprise Plans.  When you work with Webdirexion we not only cover your technical needs — we are also available for growth hacking strategies.

Webdirexion Content Strategy

WeProfessional Themes + Smart Forms = Still More Value:

Add up the value:  In addition to the support and security you enjoy, we also cover costs of professional themes (usually Divi or Genesis) which by themselves cost approx. $69 – $89 per year (some themes you may use are free, but we prefer professionally maintained themes with wide market use and robust support).  Add to that the great features of our professional “smart forms” — Webdirexion 1-2-3 Forms — at $29.95 per month purchased separately, and your savings add up!

Forms include:

  • UNLIMITED Fields
  • 20,000 Submissions / month
  • 2GB Storage for uploads
  • 3rd Party Apps integration
  • Integration with MailChimp
  • Payment integration (including PayPal & Stripe)
  • Google Docs Integration
  • Applications for forms, surveys, polls and quizzes
  • Live Chat Support
  • SSL encryption
  • Domain aliasing

What our client’s say…

I wanted to thank you and your team for the great work you’ve done putting together our new BlueStar site.  We were just looking at it, and I’m delighted and excited.

Admiral Robert Wray

CEO, BlueStar HonorCare

I would definitely recommend WebDirexion for anyone trying to get the most out of their website. I’ve worked with Scott Frangos, on a number of initiatives involving WordPress, SEO and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization). They built and maintained 5 sites for us, including a 160 blog network on a WordPress multi-site installation.”

Joe Pulizzi

CEO, Content Marketing Institute, Content Marketing world

WebDirexion was instrumental in seamlessly migrating both of our corporate websites to WordPress, while restructuring the websites and associated analytics around a defined content management strategy and recurring updates to content, intended to maximize SEO.  They played an essential part in the launch of a recent marketing campaign to create and integrate dynamic multimedia content, including videos, whitepapers, and blog posts created to drive traffic to the site and generate leads. Scott’s team helped create and define a strategy to test the message for this campaign, and delivered A/B testing and analytics to track and measure results to adjust our SEO strategy and promote our offerings. We get Enterprise Level WordPress Coverage from Webdirexion and it pays of in terms of monitoring, upgrades, SEO and Analytics Reporting — just what we need.

NIck Davis

VP Marketing & Product Development, The SSI Group

I have had the great pleasure to work with Scott and Webdirexion on many projects over the years. Some were large such as a branding initiative for a multinational company and some were quite small for local businesses. Each success is due in a great part to Scott’s leadership. Scott is without a doubt, one of the easiest people to work with I have known. He is able to effectively communicate highly technical information in ways all parties can understand. His professionalism, his good humor, his ability to work a problem to a reasonable solution is one of his many hallmarks. I highly recommend him as a marketing professional, and Webdirexion as a skilled team for WordPress Development, support services, and Online Marketing.

Stephan Smith

CEO, Creative Director, Smith Creative Group

Webdirexion developed my website which has delivered great results. So far, it has delivered leads which have become sales equal to ten times my investment. They are real WordPress pros, and knowledgeable with analytics, SEO, Adwords campaigns, and other marketing tactics.

Gary Pritts

President, Eagle Consulting Partners Inc.

Scott and Webdirexion made me money. I hired him to create a website for a first-year conference and he made MedicalDeviceEvents.com intuitive for the visitors and guests, which resulted in direct sales. I appreciate his thorough design sense, curiosity, and testing methodologies and have subsequently hired Scott for other jobs. Ask him to review your online properties! You won’t regret it.

Joe Hage

CEO, Medical MarCom

Webdirexion’s WordPress Care Support Plans Guarantee

Webdirexion Guarantee


30-Day, Money Back Guarantee:  All of our WordPress Support Services are backed by a 30-day guarantee — you’re completely satisfied, or your money back.  No questions asked.

Webdirexion Guarantees Support

The Bottom Line…

Hi.  I’m Scott Frangos — Chief Optimizer for Webdirexion and I lead your support team.  I remember WordPress version 1.2, and have developed and supported WordPress sites since 2005, including a 160 blog WordPress multi-site network and VPS and Dedicated Server management.  We’ve got your back with these plans.

We’re not after a high volume of support customers.  That’s right.  We want to work with companies that understand the value of support from WordPress specialists. With over a decade of experience, we have built and programmed WordPress sites from scratch, then supported them.  We’re a busy team, so we have a limited number of WordPress Care slots open — contact us today… you can reach us by email using form at top of this page, or call 888.974.9522.

And, if you’re comparison shopping, remember three things:

  1. Enjoy our 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee on our support plans.
  2. Our support plans all include Webdirexion 1-2-3 Forms with secure ecommerce features and lots of integrations.
  3. Our Standard and Enterprise plans include Analytics, SEO, and Marketing advice to grow your business.

Development Needed?

We Specialize in Custom WordPress Websites

We build custom crafted WordPress sites from as low as $995 and up, depending on scope.  We will be happy to give you a prompt estimate on development and also digital marketing services. Leads and sales are our primary focus for you.

Webdirexion WordPress Support: Frequently Asked Questions…

What's in Your Site Operation Plus Configuration?
A fast website is a factor in SEO ranking, performance on mobile platforms, and overall user experience.  This is a key component in our Site Operation Plus configuration. As part of Standard Plan and above, we include:

  • Configure a professional caching plugin with advanced features
  • We use Imagify to compress images (while still leaving them looking great
  • Install enhanced 404 sitemap page
  • Install SEO redirection plugin to monitor 404s and redirects
  • Run a broken link check
  • Review site speed and recommend improvements
  • Monitor uptime and host server performance
  • Install Google Analytics
  • Proactively fix minor performance issues
What is your guarantee?
Satisfaction guaranteed.  Try us for 30 days — satisfaction for your WordPress Care maintenance services is guaranteed or your money back.  Our clients stay with us for years because they love our proactive reporting and support.

What do you do if your site is hacked?
We harden up your security by blocking IPs, adding Captcha if you don’t already have it, forcing longer logouts for wrong passwords (a lot of attacks are robots trying to guess passwords), among other things. We also search and destroy viruses.

Do you develop mobile sites?
Yes we do (we will estimate separately for you)!  We are a WordPress house so we offer two types of UI solutions for mobile — responsive (resizes to narrower browser windows on mobile devices), or separate UI skin and navigation interface for mobile (same content so no extra site to manage and no Google duplicate content penalties).

What are your “smart” 1-2-3 Forms advantages?
Webdirexion 1-2-3 Smart FormsThere are a lot of WordPress forms programs out there. Our “1-2-3 Forms” offers you the following distinct advantages:

  • Integration: Connect your web forms to other online services and automate your data collection processes in a snap — examples include MailChimp, SalesForce, Zoho & more
  • eCommerce: Integrate one or more payment processors with your order form and sell anything without the need of a shopping cart.
  • Smart Reporting & Analytics: Track your online form performance through in-depth analytics. Use graphical reports from our real-time form builder for data mining. Examples include a B2B client who offers testing services and can see how many tests prospects need over time; and a hotel client that can check which resort deals are most popular.
  • Live Chat Support: You always get live support for Webdirexion 1-2-3 forms, and on our Standard and Enterprise plans, you can use your Webdirexion general tech. support to help you build smart forms that win you good marketing insights.  Live chat support is available Monday through Friday from 7am to 1:30pm Pacific and 7am to 4:30pm Eastern US.  Many clients leave forms development and maintenance to the Webdirexion team, depending on tech. hours in your care plan.

What marketing advice do you provide?
We’re a digital marketing agency focused on smart solutions to gather more qualified leads you can turn into customers.  We are always ready to review your analytics, and the reports that come with our smart “1-2-3” forms with you to look for ways to optimize your site.  Two more specialties are “content strategy” and CRO — Conversion Rate Optimization.  For B2B companies this means we help you focus on increasing leads.  For B2C ecommerce companies we focus on sales online.

Tell us about your SSL support?
Sure.  SSL — Secure Socket Layers — is becoming a standard across the web to secure your site and protect against hacking(http changes to https in your site URL after the SSL is validated).  Google has said it will penalize sites that do not take this precaution.  We provide different levels of support on our plans:

  • Basic WordPress Care Plan:  We provide 1-hour of consulting and support.  On small sites this may be enough to get your SSL certificate installed.
  • Standard WordPress Care Plan:  We install your SSL certificate for you (and you order it via your host or an independent site like The SSL Store*).  We’ll even pay for a basic DV certificate for you from Commodo via The SSL Store.  EV — Extended Validation — billed separately.
  • Enterprise Coverage WordPress Care Plan:  We purchase and pay the annual fee (as long as you stay with us) for your DV or EV SSL Certificate (Positive SSL EV included by Comodo).

*We’ve partnered with The SSL Store to offer market leading SSL options at very affordable prices: SSL Certificates Basic DV versus EV (Extended Validation):  Basic DV’s (Domain Validations) are available from most hosts these days and are a fast and simple way to secure your website with industry-standard 128- or 256-bit encryption.  Extended Validation costs more and has a longer approval process.  It is recommended for ecommerce sites and will display a green bar in your browser URL window indicating the highest degree of trust. What are the steps to get SSL approval and configure it?

  1. Purchase and apply.
  2. Get the certification details and install on your web hosting server.
  3. Reset your WordPress URLs to httpS from http in admin.
  4. Check for broken links, and also configure to force SSL, so you will not get  nonsecure content warnings.

Do you provide web hosting?
We work very closely with two preferred providers for good WordPress and website hosting — World Point Site Hosting; and Liquid Web Hosting*.  Both offer 24/7 trained technicians available by email “tickets” (recommended for future reference) and phone.  We also like BlueHost.  We are not “L.A.M.P.” specialists (the “stack” of programs that run servers — Linux; Apache; MySQL; PHP), though we can and do work on some configurations on shared, VPS and dedicated servers.  Mostly we focus our support on WordPress level issues, backups, site speed, security and other concerns.  We recommend that you engage the “managed support” services offered at your host for VPS and Dedicated servers for server level programming issues.

We have over 40 clients total on these hosting services and have worked with them for over 10 years.  Generally we recommend WorldPoint for International clients and for shared and VPS hosting.  BlueHost is a good intermediate plan for a higher service level.  We like Liquid Web for top level service on cloud based solutions, VPS and Dedicated hosting. *Webdirexion has a marketing agreement with BlueHost, Liquid Web and World Point Site Hosting… and… we use them for our own sites because we like their services so much!

What support work is covered?
We often get asked what is covered, and what is not covered in the tech./admin./marketing support time on the Standard (1 hour per month), and Enterprise (approx. 2 hours of support per month) plans.  Generally speaking we focus our support on WordPress level issues, backups, site speed, security and other concerns.  We recommend that you engage the “managed support” services offered at your host for VPS and Dedicated servers for this reason.  We are not “L.A.M.P.” specialists (the “stack” of programs that run servers — Linux; Apache; MySQL; PHP), though we can and do work on some configurations on shared, VPS and dedicated servers.  We recommend that for VPS and Dedicated servers you engage the “managed services” support level with your web hosting provider for that level of support.

We have produced this table with more specific lists of what is covered, and what is not, for your reference:

Covered Tasks

  • Analytics Reviews
  • Review SEO strength
  • Backup your site
  • Check Google indexing
  • Review analytics with you
  • Harden up on hacking attack
  • Review marketing goals with you
  • Check page size and load time
  • Clean up malware
  • Clean up spam
  • Configure a plugin
  • Create backups
  • Fix issues after a WordPress core update
  • Help with templates
  • Improve your site security
  • Improve your site speed
  • Install a caching plugin
  • Install a favicon
  • Make changes to the header, sidebar, and other sections of the site
  • Prevent spam
  • Recover a hacked site
  • Setup redirects
  • Solve alignment issues
  • Tweak your CSS
  • Update a plugin
  • Update your theme
  • Upgrade WordPress core

Items Not Covered

  • L.A.M.P. “stack” (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) programming and issues.  We recommend you use your web hosting support for this.
  • eMail trouble-shooting and configuration on local office machines
  • Digital Marketing Strategy Plan & Implementation
  • Add custom functionality/programming to a plugin
  • Add individual products for WooCommerce
  • Boost page ranks
  • Building site backlinks for SEO
  • Configure SSL
  • Create a Google Plus business listing
  • Create a plugin
  • Fix WooCommerce extension bugs and conflicts
  • Increasing site traffic
  • Paid marketing
  • Payment gateway configuration
  • Remove theme customizations
  • Research previous theme customizations
  • Set up email accounts
  • Set up a new theme
  • Set up a theme for specific pages
  • Site migration between hosts
  • Sites hosted by WordPress.com
  • Transfer a non-WP site to WordPress
  • Update a highly customized theme
  • Update customized WooCommerce
  • VA tasks (creating, updating and posting content)

Any “fine print” we need to know?
Yes. Generally please understand that keeping your website running smoothly requires a combination of best practice programming for WordPress core itself, plugins you use, and themes you use. Since each of those are programmed by people in their respective organizations, we do not take responsibility for programming issues. We DO respond quickly for troubleshooting, theme and plugin updates, and WordPress updates. Often we can swap in a better plugin when one in current use is not performing well. We can also provide a separate development and testing server (separate fee) for resource intensive and complicated websites.

Likewise, we do not make any guarantees for web hosting hardware (server), software (server LAMP stack), or network operation center performance (the center where web hosting servers reside and connect to the internet) — we don’t own or manage any of those components, but we do work in tandem and coordination with both Hosting providers and WordPress support centers to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

  • Themes and plugins: there are literally thousands of WordPress themes and plugins — some are programmed well and to standards, and some are not. Sometimes clients have had customizations done that just do not stand up over time. For this reason, we take the following measures:
  • Parent Themes: We specialize in the Genesis theme platform, and also in the 80+ themes available from Elegant Themes. There is literally no site design we cannot duplicate using these themes. For all other themes, we will review and advise on your specific configuration and if we can support it. In some cases we may recommend moving to another theme, or creating a child theme. We will estimate this for you at that time (some clients on the Standard or Enterprise Care plans use some of the available tech. Time for this work).
  • Child Themes: We ALWAYS recommend all custom work (site skins, CSS, functions.php) be done in a Child Theme, because every Theme must be periodically updated to stay current with WordPress updates and standards throughout the year, and when the “parent” theme is updated, using a child theme ensures that your customizations are not overwritten and lost. Plugins: We work with industry standard and trusted plugins (ie. Yoast SEO Plugin, WordFence for security) that we know from experience are programmed to WordPress standards and conventions. This said, sometimes programmers make mistakes — we will make every effort to respond quickly and to resolve any conflicts promptly.
  • eMails: We can help you set up your emails at your web host, but we do not support your local configuration on your computers in your office — we recommend you use a local in town IT support service for that.

Do you provide site migration to a new host?
Yes.  We have done this many times and often it will be covered under the tech. time available on our Standard Plan (see above).

Webdirexion WordPress Care Support Plans


Webdirexion Guarantee


30-Day, Money Back Guarantee:  All of our WordPress Support Services are backed by a 30-day guarantee — you’re completely satisfied, or your money back.  No questions asked.

Since engaging Scott Frangos and Webdirexion, he has resolved several issues on our WordPress site, recommended a strategy to streamline the set-up, efficiency, and security and been available 24/7 to resolve security issues that came up. Not only do I recommend him and his team highly…I am a dedicated customer for life.

Shannon Wilkinson

CEO, Reputation Communications

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