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Reviews for The Marketer’s Concise Guide to CRO

You wanna know something interesting? I’ve worked with Scott. I know the value of testing. And yet I get lazy. I justify not testing because “the site doesn’t have enough traffic” or I become complacent thinking my site is good enough. This quick read reminded me how important it is to continually test – the market moves too quickly to do anything else. And, as I read, I took notes for a half dozen tests my clients deserve. Thanks, Scott, for the motivation and tools to be better at my job. Joe Hage

CEO, Medical Marcom

Scott and the Webdirexion team created the most comprehensive guide on conversion rate optimization I have read. It covers everything you need to know to master CRO. It contains hands-on, practical tips. I wanted to stop reading (but couldn’t) and get busy reviewing all my landing page. I’d recommend the CRO guide to anyone who wants to learn how to boost ‘connections’ with visitors. This guide will help you create more engaged readers and turn them into sales. In the end you will become a smarter marketer. Bill Flitter


Scott and his team did an excellent job of researching and communicating every facet of conversion rate optimization. This is a topic that I would not consider a “page turner”, but they’ve made it interesting. My biggest takeaway is the need to test every pitch, every call to action and every layout. Not even the most talented, experienced creatives know what will work and what won’t. Even Don Draper didn’t know (dirty little secret, they tested back in the 60s too). This book will make you rich. Bob Leonard

Managing Consultant, acSellerant

Scott Frangos has done a masterful job explaining the finer points of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). For our business, we’ve never had a problem with the content piece, but rather the testing and the closing part. After reading Scotts book, I now feel way more confident that we can improve our CRO efforts. The book is a solid read and a quick one as well. Highly recommended!
Jon Wuebben

CEO, Author (Content is Currency), Content Launch

Content + Conversions = Connections to Grow Business

Short Read with Concise CRO Tips

Content + Conversion = Connection.

There are three very important C’s in Marketing, expressed in the formula, where Connection is the final step to close leads and grow your business. But many “Content Marketers” focus primarily on the first part of this equation. This Guide focuses on specific tactics to Convert and Connect.  You’ll learn CRO.  And that will lead to the fourth C — Customers.

First Design = Best Guess.

When you design a website or landing page, it only represents the best guess by a designer or web firm at what might engage your prospects.  It’s just the beginning.  And no one inside your company or from any agency knows the final best design solution right out of the box.  So, you test.  And, almost always a smart CRO test will outperform the professional first guess.

CRO Time = ROI & Smiles.

Does it?  How much is the time spent when you hand off closable leads to your smiling sales team worth?  Imagine the smile on your boss’ face, when sales results from your marketing work get reported.  The Guide will show you ways to get your lead gathering game on with time saving tools and great ROI results.  Imagine what this can do for your career.


Average A/B Test Boost


CRO Lead Increase


Marketers using CRO


Estimated Users CRO After Reading Guide

Sources:  We’ve gathered the first three numbers above, reading left to right, from a number of studies available online about how testing improves your lead gathering results.  Every business needs more leads, and our book tells you how to get them using CRO tactics.  We predict you will want to use CRO tactics to get more leads too, hence the fourth number.  Why not 100%?  Some of your competitors just won’t choose to find the time to always be testing.  That failure will set you ahead of them.
Scott Frangos, President of Webdirexion LLC

Scott Frangos serves as “chief optimizer” for Webdirexion — the modern online Marketing Agency

About the Author…

Scott Frangos is a veteran A/B testor and CRO specialist with a long career in advertising, marketing and publishing. He is founder and president of Webdirexion LLC, an online marketing agency, and also a long-time college level instructor in the Portland, Oregon area. He also teaches online courses at COMP – the College of Online Marketing Pros. He credits his publishing team with making this Guide concise but resourceful for modern marketers. Scott holds recent certifications in Google Analytics Mastery (Udemy), and RACE Digital Marketing (Smart Insights). The team on the CRO-Guide includes Margot Hall, Managing Editor; Whitney Beyer, Copy Editor; and Contributors Julie Hume, Miranda Booher, and Sherri Gutierrez. Scott has spoken at The Content Marketing Conference in Berkeley; the Web Visions Conference in Portland, OR; and taught for the Langley New Media Center in Washington State. Podcasters, Conference Managers, and Event producers may reach him at Scott [at]

What you’ll learn in the Guide:

Types of Testing

What tools and tests will help you gather more leads.

Increase Conversions

How to make your landing pages, PPC ads, emails and forms gather more leads.

Tactical Tips

The Guide is filled with tactical tips throughout each chapter, plus a complete chapter with 25 top CRO tips from the trenches.
  • Companies Using Split Testing Tactics 44%
  • Percent of Marketers Testing Calls to Action Buttons 72%
  • Percent of Marketers Testing Navigation 65%
  • Percent of Marketers Testing Offers 49%

Start Using CRO tactics Today

This concise Guide to CRO — Conversion Rate Optimization — helps modern marketers quickly come up to speed on the latest tools, tactics and technologies to take the next leap in lead gathering results. Numbers at left from a study of online retailers.  We believe that B2B services companies are testing even less, so we wrote the Guide to help you get started.

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