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Virtually no one today would suggest online marketing is a simple process. With the number of competitors vying for business in every sector, the importance of developing a comprehensive strategy is increasing. That’s where RACE enters the picture.

Older Strategies No Longer Deliver the Results You Need

R.A.C.E. - the smart marketing model

R.A.C.E. – the smart marketing model

Over the past few years, there were a few marketing strategies that proved to be relatively successful. However, the marketing landscape has changed, and continues to evolve, rendering those once-useful techniques obsolete. Webdirexion recommends any organization look closely at the techniques they’re employing to build their brand and honestly evaluate the success rates of those efforts.

“We studied R.A.C.E. Marketing to up our game, and because the framework for it focuses on core digital marketing strategy and tactics,” explains Scott Frangos, founder and Chief Optimizer for Webdirexion. “I personally like this marketing model because it includes a focus on conversions — when a prospect visits your site and takes a step closer to becoming a customer.  This is the key to online success, and it’s the reason we wrote a book on CRO — Conversion Rate Optimization.”

Adopting a New Strategy Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

Far too many organizations of all kinds procrastinate when it’s time to update older marketing strategies because they believe the process is too difficult. Indeed, some time must be invested when adopting a new marketing strategy, but the net results generally make that investment worthwhile. If your organization’s brand building plans are not yielding the expected results, now is a great time to find out how the RACE strategy can help.

What Is RACE?

The above graphic shows the essential components in the R.A.C.E. marketing model.  Known for the primary focuses on Reach, desired Actions, Conversions, and Engagement, the full cycle in this model also includes planning and smart analysis so you can adjust your campaigns as you go.

Getting Started is Easy

When developing a new strategy or revising an existing one, companies frequently find it difficult to move the process forward. Even relatively savvy marketers stumble at this point, as it is not always easy to integrate all marketing ideas into a coherent, workable plan.

We work closely with your staff to design plans for blog marketing, social media integration, advanced SEO tactics, and the implementation of proven inbound marketing concepts.

Focus on the Most Important Areas

Visitors to Leads with CRO

At its simplest, the R.A.C.E. focuses on converting site visitors to customers.

Since every company’s marketing objectives and needs will tend to vary somewhat, our planning and implementation strategies are developed to allow companies to focus on specific activities expected to garner the best return on investment. The RACE sales funnel strategies make the process relatively easy and straightforward. At this point, companies can rank the importance of developing or improving websites, social networking, and other activities. Since the majority of companies are finding their branding efforts must encompass more than one type of effort, we routinely suggest ways to better utilize the RACE platform to enhance short- and long-term results.

No Need to Fear Change

Companies routinely discover they need to refocus their efforts or change their marketing plans to meet new or evolving needs. We understand any types of change can be difficult to face. However, with the auditing and analytics available, updating older content and philosophies needn’t be as time-consuming or challenging as many of our clients fear.

Take a Practical Approach to Your Company’s Future

Much of the marketing information that’s readily available online, even for RACE, tends to be theoretical rather than practical. That’s of little use to organizations that need to see quick results. Webdirexion understands you need practical advice that’s useful now, and we’ve taken the time to develop ideas you can put to good use immediately.

Be Ready to Face Market Changes

Volatility in the marketplace is common, and most organizations have been faced with the need to react quickly when outside influencers impact current marketing strategies. Whether it’s financial conditions or changes implemented by search engines, it’s always important to be prepared to adapt to sudden changes quickly and effectively.

Webdirexion Surge System™" dashboard

We’ve developed our “Webdirexion Surge System™” dashboard for clients so you can watch reach, actions, conversions, and engagement across your entire array of marketing technologies.

When Google updates their algorithms, or the government suddenly imposes tariffs, company marketing must respond quickly to minimize any potential problems or, conversely, to take advantage of new opportunities. Traditional marketing techniques may not provide for those needs, suggesting it pays to explore new options that make it simpler to respond to evolving conditions.

Users of the RACE process are already well prepared to deal with unplanned events in ways competitors may not have available. Quickly responding means a company’s profits are less likely to be negatively impacted.

Remember that Webdirexion always provides the practical and actionable resources that enhance project success rates. That means your value to the company, as a marketing professional, also increases. It always pays to take advantage of the best tools available, and the RACE process should be part of your business repertoire.

Improve Your Personal Skill Sets

Another real advantage of RACE is the growth potential for dedicated users. The plan is designed to trigger ideas and help users develop exciting, innovative ways to deal with issues that arise in the market. Whether you’re a single entrepreneur or part of a large corporation, learning the newest and best marketing strategies is vital to your success.

Getting the Results You Need Today and in the Future

Branding efforts and improving all marketing strategies can’t wait until tomorrow. Rather than risking falling behind, explore the many ways Webdirexion and RACE can provide a boost to your marketing efforts now.

It’s also important to remember marketing efforts that are working today may prove to be less than optimal in the future. The RACE concept allows users to monitor marketing plan results and quickly respond when new opportunities arise.

When a team is in place, it’s also important that all members of the team are taking advantage of the capabilities RACE offers. We’ll train your team members to take advantage of exciting content strategies and use smart conversion rate optimization.

The ROI is Excellent

Every organization must be aware of budget constraints, and we’re well aware our clients must face financial realities every day. That’s Webdirexion customizes solutions to meet your budgetary requirements.  We have small plans through full 6-18 month marketing campaigns, and the ROI (Return on Investment) will be positive for you because we look for conversion to sales results to pay for the effort.

When you’re ready to get started, choosing the plan that’s best for your organization is easy. If you’ve got any questions, our team is available to respond quickly and provide any additional information needed.

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