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WordPress Content Strategy, Design, CRO

Design, UI, and Strategy components all combine to play a symphony pleasing to website visitors.

Looking back at a run of recent projects (see examples below), we can see modern responsive design, content strategy, and conversion rate optimization (CRO) is paying off.  Like a concert master, the “music” of each design and strategy component are directed to play the right “tune” to attract and engage your prospects.  We review some recent Webdirexion WordPress Content Strategy projects to look at the symphony of choices involved in developing compelling websites.

Responsive Design:  We could call this the “jazz” part of the content symphony. The word “smooth” comes to mind.  While we still have some clients that prefer a separate mobile skin for their mobile device visitors, lately we have been working with some top designers, like Smith Creative Group in Portland, OR, to go for a nice clean look that lends itself well to a smooth reduction in screen sizes.  Here, there is always some strategy involved for what page content elements are best tweaked at smaller sizes, and sometimes removed in favor of efficient viewing on small screens.  You can see both types of mobile ready solutions in the examples below.

Content Strategy:  There are a number of factors that combine, like a symphony of choices, for good strategic development of your content. We will produce more posts on this, but now I will just mention two questions we like to ask ourselves as we proceed.  How can you leverage your content?  We like to triple leverage it right off the bat in blog posts that get ranked for SEO, via Social Media amplification, and in a “Set and Forget” automatic email newsletter.  Then you can quadruple the leverage by later converting a series of posts into an ebook. And we love doing all this on the robust WordPress platform because “WordPress Content Strategy” has become a classical music production due the sheer symphonic excellence behind it.

Next question… What UI (User Interface) modules best present your content in a compelling and persuasive manner?  We love the commercial Divi theme platform for WordPress not only for built in A/B testing, but also because of its dozens of “modules” that offer different UI options like toggles, blurbs, sliders, and tabbed sections.  The trick is not to deploy a particular UI element just because you can, but rather to ask which one best presents your content in a compelling way and in keeping with the overall “music” of your design and page layout.


We have specialties in healthcare, with more than one client in hotel, financial services,dental clinics, and law firm industries.  We design modern, mobile ready, websites with ongoing optimization features to increase engagement.

CRO:  We’re currently producing a series on “Content Strategy“, and in a nutshell, at Webdirexion, we take strategy beyond “planning, development, and management of content” (Wikipedia definition), to what you do once your first best guess is in place.  In other words, you’re not done no matter how well you developed and planned content after its first publishing.  Then you get the real test — what your site visitors do and don’t do because of your content.  How well do your site visitors “convert” to leads and customers?  Just one example — in the case of one of our dental sites, we tested a graphic that links to the Specials page (see Cascade Dental, below).  This “A/B” test basically pitted a graphic with the word “Save” in it to one that looked much the same with “Specials” in place of Save.  Which one won?  “Specials”.  Why?  Well, the why of things is not clear in cold hard stats — you have to actually ask people to get to why.  But we informally quizzed several people who gave variations on “specials” seeming to invite more curiosity than “save”.

The other factor in all this success for WordPress content strategy projects? The great work by our Webdirexion team and design colleagues.  I am proud of them all.

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