Site Audits: What Are They, Why Are They Important, And How Do You Perform One?

site auditsIf you’ve invested time and resources in creating a website for your business, it’s important to make sure that your site is doing everything you need it to do, and that includes pulling in your target audience and converting those visitors to customers. As technology is constantly evolving, it’s not enough to simply design a beautiful website and wait for the magic to happen. Instead, you need to evaluate your website regularly in order to find problems and make improvements. Site audits are one way to identify how to improve your site, increase traffic, and ultimately make more sales.


New Video Playlists for Content Marketing

Webdirexion has a newly updated video channel with video playlists for Content Marketing ranging from help for  eCommerce, to Conversions and Sales Funnels, and other Content Strategy topics. Organized around the needs of our clients and our own work in custom WordPress development and Digital Marketing, we have both recorded training videos and curated related video content on a number of topics.

Webdirexion Content Marketing YouTube Channel

Webdirexion Content Marketing YouTube Channel.

We are focusing Webdirexion video training on:

Here is an example of a recent video on using Content Audits — essential for sites of 30-plus pages and 2+ years or older:

4 Principal Lessons the WebDirexion Team Learned From Recent Projects

Recently, Webdirexion has been working on various projects for a variety of clients. A few of our website Divi Elegant Theme projects include Camp Wa-Ri-Ki and Coffee Nut Hut. Skill building continues, even after years of special work, since technologies evolve and we always learn more about content strategy and marketing for each client.  Currently, we are applying our new-found knowledge to new client websites and future websites to come. Check out 4 lessons learned from our recent projects and how we will continue to use what we are learning to our clients’ benefit.

1) Use New Strengths in the Divi Builder with WordPress 5.0

Compared to earlier versions, using the Divi Builder with WordPress 5.0 is a little different. Divi, made by Elegant Themes, has streamlined its builder interface.  Meanwhile, in WordPress, the design of the post editor has changed, and when you create new pages, you can choose between the standard WordPress editor and the Divi Builder. We find it convenient to switch between the two anytime you want.

WordPress 5.0 replaces the Classic Editor with a brand new editing process. After you update to WordPress 5.0, the Classic Editor will no longer be available unless you install the Classic Editor Plugin. The plugin will allow you to use the Classic Divi Builder once more.  For most of our clients, we have turned on the Classic Editor for now, though WordPress’s Core Team reports it will be gone for good in 2020.

We asked longtime WordPress user and developer Scott Frangos, our Chief Optimizer at Webdirexion, what he thought of the Divi updates and which features he likes the most.  Scott observes, “First, I like the fact that the Divi people are always innovating and updating.  Specifically, I really like how they have made it more streamlined to find and use the UI — user interface — element we need.  For example, I can type in “Text” and instantly call the Text module into use out of about 30 other choices.  Likewise, if I want to edit spacing in the Text module, I can type in “padding” or “margin” and call those settings into play very quickly now.”  Scott made a short comparison video showing Gutenberg versus Divi, when Gutenberg was first released.  It’s on our Webdirexion YouTube channel — we’re making more videos, so subscribe today (free).

2) Make Smart Use of Divi Sections and Modules

If you’re not familiar with Divi (which is fine because we’re here to help!), sections are the most prominent building blocks while you’re creating pages in Divi. They are essentially horizontal stacking blocks you use to group your content into specific areas. Everything you build begins with a section and using this content wrapper can help you create some incredible things.

Under a section “building block” is a row, and under the row, another building block you can add is a text module. Text modules are essential to any page design because they make it easy to display text in both a stunning and straightforward way.

We asked Briana Turcin, one of our content strategists, to discuss how we put Divi to work with our clients. She said of the process,

“For one of our latest clients, Camp Wa-Ri-Ki, we started with a fullwidth section, and within the section, we built out the content in a 3 column row. Each column has different modules that allow us to lay out the content exactly as we want it. The far left column has a text module and a button module, the middle column has a few image modules along with a button module, and the far right column has a testimonial module and button module. It is incredibly easy to switch modules, add new ones, or to change how many columns you want. By using the Divi Visual Builder, we can map out content quickly and determine what the best combination of rows and modules will be to bring our design to life.”

3) Use Nelio Content Plugin for Social Media Marketing & Content Planning

Nelio Content is a WordPress plugin that comes with a content assistant and editorial calendar. We use it to seamlessly help you schedule, create, and promote blog content and other links you’d like to support via various social sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Other social platforms include LinkedIn and Pinterest. Nelio also has built-in analytics, and that allows us to see what types of articles are getting the most clicks and how we can replicate the same actions in the future.

Sierra Greenman, another one of our content strategists, finds Nelio ideal to use when working with clients:

“I find Nelio a simple and easy-to-use plugin that can make you more productive and organize everything in a timely manner. This plugin is super friendly and I love that it is integrated with a blog. Its calendar feature makes it easy to organize and schedule content daily and even days or months ahead if you choose. Nelio makes it simple to share content automatically on Facebook, Twitter, and even Pinterest once articles are published.”

Are you looking for website development and other digital marketing services? We work with a variety of clients based on their marketing goals. We offer many services: content marketing, sales funnel campaigns, Google Adwords, and many more.

4) eCommerce & Shopping Carts for Businesses and Non-Profits

Having an eStore is essential for many of our clients, and the WooCommerce plugin — a popular and worldwide-used WordPress plugin — allows site owners to sell a range of products. It’s built to integrate with WordPress seamlessly. We specialize in WooCommerce and have helped clients such as Camp Wa-Ri-Ki (store integrates with Printful for non-profit fundraising) and BlueStar HonorCare (custom streamlined shopping setup for this national medical products company) set up their online store.

As we mentioned above, WooCommerce is a well-known plugin, and it powers many online stores due to its unlimited flexibility. It also has access to hundreds of premium and free WordPress extensions. If you are familiar with WordPress and want to get a store setup, allow us to help you set one up. We can quickly get it running, and you’ll see why WooCommerce is an ideal shop platform.

We asked Serhii, our Programming Ninja, what he has been learning about WooCommerce and how he’s been helping clients as of late:

“Recently we faced a problem on WooCommerce that we solved. The initial issue was that the checkout and cart pages default layout of the Woocommerce Shopping Cart plugin was not visually optimized. Sometimes this issue frustrates potential clients who have a large number of fields that must be filled before the actual purchase. Plus, while customers are trying to purchase something they have to scroll down a lot to get to the ‘Proceed’ button. The Webdirexion team is now working on improving the visual appearance of the checkout and cart default pages and are also brainstorming other possible solutions. We desire to have the usage of a single product page checkout option.”

We look forward to helping you convert visitors into leads!

Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

Digital Marketing Trends

It’s going to be an interesting year for digital marketing trends… are you ready?

The world of marketing is changing at a rapid pace, and in particular digital marketing trends are constantly evolving. One great way to stay one step ahead of your competition is to implement relevant marketing trends as they become popular. Instead of getting on board with something years later, stay on top of things and get started early!

Is that your goal for 2019? If so, this article is for you. Today we’ll be laying out the five hottest trends to look out for in 2019.


Leveraging Video Recording Tools for Marketing Strategy

Every business benefits from the use of video recording tools —leveraging video recording tools they allow the company to get a message across in an engaging way to capture and keep the attention of the viewer.  We take a look at some tools and services to get you going.

Why Use Video?

Video allows a user to share more information with viewers than plain text alone. It provides the business with a platform for engaging with customers and sharing their story. Furthermore, video helps to ensure the message gets delivered and communicated.  When we help clients with sales funnels, we always like to use the “authority amplification” effect to give you three power punches using video, that you can’t get with other forms of communication: (more…)

WP Rocket and Imagify Site Speed Optimization

Site Speed Optimization is standard on all Webdirexion Business Care Plans

Site speed optimization is standard on all Webdirexion Business Care Plans

Speed. Page loading time. Site speed optimization.  When it comes to your website, it’s critical you have a fast loading site for visitors. If the page does not load in just a few seconds, don’t be surprised when visitors hop on to the next site instead of yours. Read on and we’ll show you how we optimized a client site who’s on one of our Business Care and Growth plans, to be faster than 82% of tested sites. First, consider the following stats:

At Webdirexion, we are constantly testing the latest tech tools and gadgets designed to increase page load time and enhance overall website speed. After years of testing different caching plugins, we have come to a solution that is awesome for the following reasons: (more…)

How To Use Facebook Ads And Adwords For Retargeting

How To Use Facebook Ads And Adwords For Retargeting 2
Facebook has upped its advertising game to rival Google’s Adwords. With the power of Facebook ads, online businesses can reach customers like never before. Both systems offer remarketing so you can make a second impression. The key difference is that retargeting via Facebook is limited to showing ads only to those that return to Facebook itself, while using adwords For retargeting extends the reach of your follow up ads across the Google universe.

One thing that Facebook is good for is re-attracting a business’s previous visitors to bring them back to complete a sale, or to retarget customers in an attempt to turn them into repeat customers. This is called remarketing, and sometimes retargeting.  Google adwords offers this too, and Webdirexion likes to take advantage of both platforms in powerful synergistic ways. (more…)

WordPress 5 Gutenberg Compared to Divi Professional Builder

Gutenberg editor becomes standard in WordPress 5.0

A totally new editing interface comes with WordPress 5 Gutenberg

This winter (2018), the WordPress people will gift us with version 5.0 including a totally reengineered editor.  WordPress 5 Gutenberg is the name of the new visual content block editor.  Instead of using an interface somewhat similar to Word and other text-processing programs, Gutenberg will make use of content blocks which will allow you to add all the usual elements of a blog post such as paragraphs, headings, and images.  This major move marks both an editing paradigm shift to a drag and drop interface similar to WIX and other popular website builders plus a new reliance on JavaScript programming over the older PHP programming language (one reason that some themes and plugins may break).  Are you ready? (more…)

How Smart Off-Site SEO Fits Into a Digital Marketing Plan

Off-Site SEO

Off-site SEO is a great way to help boost your brand’s online exposure.

The world is changing, and digital marketing continues to lead in the direction of progress. The digital world we live in forces us all to adapt to these changes and integrate them into our overall marketing strategy. When done correctly, it can help expand your brand, generate more leads, and as a result, more sales.

We’ve dedicated our work to this process and have helped countless clients figure out a digital marketing strategy that works for their specific business. Adaptation is your only option, but there are many things to consider. How do you make the right choice with so many options available? Great question. Today, let’s cover one main topic: off-site search engine optimization.

In this article, you’ll discover what off-site SEO is, and why more businesses are requesting a broader marketing plan that takes off-site techniques into account.

What Is Off-Site SEO?

You likely already built and optimized your website to boost the presence and reach of your brand. What you may have overlooked are ways to expand the presence of your site by working where your website isn’t. Hence the term “off-site.”

Let’s make this definition clearer. We like the way that Alpha Mind Studios describes these two concepts. Think of on-site SEO as “the art of making your website friendly to search engines” and off-site SEO as “the promotion of your website and content to external websites.”

Today we want you to consider this off-site approach that can bring traffic directly to your website without doing any work directly on your website. Keep in mind that on-site SEO is incredibly important as well, and we are in no way saying it isn’t. Instead, we are interested in discussing how the additional use of off-site SEO can improve your overall digital marketing plan.

Does Search Engine Optimization Really Matter to My Business?

In short: Yes (but you probably already knew that!) No online business can escape the need for a substantial web presence. Presence is the reason we create websites, to begin with. Google now receives up to 90 percent of all search engine queries made online and reports over 3.5 billion searches made per month.

That high volume of traffic provides us with clear proof of how vital optimization is. If you aren’t well optimized, there is no way you can stand out in the crowd.

Don’t let that scare you! Instead, let this be a message of hope for your brand because there’s a way to boost your presence and improve your bottom line. By utilizing smart off-site techniques, you can bring increased traffic to your website. Let’s now take a look at how to do this. Here are just a few popular off-site SEO tactics:


Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a vital way to advertise your brand. Did you know that people are 50% more likely to buy something at your website if they arrive via a PPC ad compared to visiting via an organic search link?

The advantage of this type of advertising is that you get direct feedback about what your leads are doing and how effective your advertising is. If no one is clicking, you’ve probably either got the wrong message or are targeting the wrong audience. Over time, you can make small adjustments to your PPC ads to increase their effectiveness and as a result, increase traffic to your website, which is a significant SEO boost. If a lot of people are visiting your site, that is a signal to Google that your site is valuable, which will make the search engine want your page to rank higher than others.

Press Releases:

The internet hasn’t changed the need for great PR.

It’s easy to think that the days of PR are over, however news and mainstream media continue to be a powerful force in today’s world. Simply put, press releases work at getting your brand out into the world and seen by a vast audience. You can boost your ranking by just one news agency picking up your story and featuring it on their website.

Guest Posting:

Off-Site SEO

Image source: Visually

Don’t save all of the great content you have just for your site!

Instead, post on other sites to spread your expertise to a new audience. The result? You’ll get additional traffic and backlinks to your website! You likely already run your blog, so guest posting shouldn’t be too complicated for you to implement. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should partner up with websites that are more likely to have audiences that would be interested in your products or services. If your target demographic is young women, don’t write for a blog that targets older men! Be smart with your decisions, and they will result in an excellent SEO boost and an increase in brand awareness. 61% of consumers have made a purchase based on a blog post– so the effort is indeed worth your time and energy!


A lot of people avoid backlinking simply because it sounds complicated. We have some great news though- it isn’t! All that a backlink is is a link to your website that exists on another website. That’s it. Not so complicated, right? This process is all about partnering with other related sites so that they will include links of yours within their content. Guest posting (as we discussed earlier) is a great way to gain backlinks, but that isn’t your only option. Someone may reference a blog post of yours in their blog post and include a link to your post- that is a backlink! It takes some time and patience to develop a large number of quality backlinks, but it is worth the effort. Search engines notice how many backlinks your site has and uses that as a ranking signal when they select which sites to show first on results pages.

The Power Of a Complete Digital Marketing Strategy

A strategy is what makes your optimization effective. You may realize that all of these off-site elements are great, but without proper planning, you won’t get the results you want. Every brand will have a unique strategy that combines both on and off-site SEO. What works for you is based on your brand, demographics, and more. Developing the right plan takes time, and for many brands, they do not have the time to craft what they need to improve their off-site SEO. That is where we come in! We will partner with you to develop the perfect digital marketing plan that’s the ideal fit for you and only you.

Best of all, we never rely on a single SEO factor. We understand that it is the combination of many things such as on and off-site SEO, advertising, social media, and more. These techniques result in a complete plan that will give you the results you want.

Digital marketing is a competitive field, and it’s also one that is always changing. At Webdirexion, we will work with you to develop a plan. We will also adjust that plan over time as the industry changes, or as your audience or objectives change. Interested in learning more? Contact us today!

Why Mailchimp is the Ultimate Platform for Creating a Powerful Email List

If you’re not familiar with email marketing, it essentially means engaging with an audience through email. Email marketing involves sending out scheduled email newsletters. Newsletters consist of updates such as advice, special offers, recent blog posts, and site news. If you do have a company blog, it would include links to your latest blog posts either as an RSS feed or links you manually include in the newsletter.

email newsletter marketing

Email marketing is essential in reaching potential customers.

We help our clients succeed in email marketing using Mailchimp, which is a web-based email marketing service. This incredible platform helps you design and share newsletters. In addition to getting you set up on MailChimp, we help you integrate your Mailchimp with services you already use, such as a CRM. Another service we offer is tracking your newsletter campaign results. New and older email campaigns show us what is and isn’t working. (more…)

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