Conversions in RACE Marketing Cycle

Racing Toward Strategic Conversions

When you use a smart digital marketing strategy, like “R.A.C.E.” a focus on strategic conversions will yield more qualified leads for your business. And to pull this off, you need to always be testing because your site “design” is just a best guess at what will be persuasive and compelling

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Digital Marketing Strategy with RACE and CRO from Webdirexion

Digital Marketing Strategy & Conversions

At Webdirexion LLC, our team uses a marketing model known as “R.A.C.E.” (Reach, Act, Convert, Engage) to organize strategic thinking, the tactics that flow from it, and measurements to meet and exceed goals. We’re presenting an infographic with some research notes about one of the focus areas of R.A.C.E. — Conversion Rate Optimization.

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Hotel Marketing -- Questions & Answers 1

Hotel Marketing — Questions & Answers

In our recent webinar for PAII, we received some good questions about optimizing hotel landing pages. We answered some during the webinar, then did some research and have more answers on hotel marketing with examples for your here.

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Need More Leads? Marketer's CRO Guide is out! 2

Need More Leads? Marketer’s CRO Guide is out!

Every business needs more leads. But only a small percentage of marketers are taking advantage of evolving tools, tactics and techniques for CRO — Conversion Rate Optimization. This single focus will wring more ROI out of your marketing efforts than any other tactics. Now there’s a book to guide you.

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Smart Ways To Book More Rooms 3

Smart Ways To Book More Rooms

Below is a recent webinar we did for Hoteliers and Innkeepers on “Smart Ways To Book More Rooms” in conjunction with Checkfront* — an innovative cloud booking service with some unique marketing features. (see also our post on Hotel Marketing Q & A)... » Read More
Edenwild Inn social strategies

Optimize Your Hotel’s Social Media Presence

When it come’s to your hotel’s social media presence, you can really stand out by selling different benefits and experiences on each social venue. That’s right — you’re not selling a “Bed and Breakfast Inn” or a “Hotel.” Huh? We’ll look at a Hotel and an Inn that demonstrate what this means and review how to use similar tactics.

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AirBnb vs. BnBs in Seattle

We reviewed AirBnB vs. BnBs in Seattle and found a number of interesting opportunities when you add things up. Is it Apple to Oranges in this comparison? Maybe. But why not serve them an Orange?

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Forgetting to test means game over

Million $ FAIL: When Office Depot & Microsoft Forgot to Test

How could Office Depot and Microsoft team up, spend millions of dollars on a smart cloud software play, and lose? They had a lot of content, including professionally produced videos with actors, sell sheets, signage and brochures. They knew how to capture attention, but flushed a ton of money down the drain. Why? I was there and I’ll tell you the story…

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What's the Right OTA Play for Inns & Hotels? 4

What’s the Right OTA Play for Inns & Hotels?

Smaller properties of 6-20 rooms can be reluctant to maintain a presence and room inventory on OTAs like Expedia and TripAdvisor.  But are they shooting themselves in the foot?  Both the “Billboard Effect” and the “Pay to Play Effect” do... » Read More
10 Marketing Tips to Boost Profitability at Your Inn 5

10 Marketing Tips to Boost Profitability at Your Inn

How can you win the quest for heads in beds? Scott Frangos has compiled a list of top 10 tips for Innkeepers and Hoteliers drawing on a career of experience in the trenches and a fusion of fundamental principles, emerging technologies and progressive thinking…

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Webdirexion Hotel Marketing Solutions

Webdirexion Announces New Hotel Marketing Solutions

When it comes to hotel marketing solutions, there are some great new cloud booking systems designed to increase reservations for hotels and inns. Webdirexion has partnered with a progressive cloud booking company to bring affordable marketing packages to hotels and inns.

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How to Increase Your Conversion Rates 6

How to Increase Your Conversion Rates

What are you key conversion rates (a conversion happens when a visitor moves one step closer to becoming a customer)?  How do you increase conversion rates?  Answers to both questions are vital to your business, but a good number of marketers don’t know their... » Read More
A/B testing often results in better CRO.

What is Everyone CROing About?

What’s so important about Conversion Rate Optimization – CRO? Everything. Celebrated this week during “International CRO Day”, this marketing focus can mean the difference between breaking even and enjoying phenomenal profits. It is a boon for every sales person, and the holy grail of the marketer. And your opportunity to succeed with it is in direct measure to your colleagues and competitors who are failing to use it.

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engaging with Klout leaders as a social media marketing tactic.

Social Media Marketing & Content Strategy

How can you efficiently engage with strong prospects in social media? We have a “Klout tactic” for that along with some great insights into content strategy and closing the connection/engagement loop using Hootsuite.

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Smart Marketing for Your Law Firm 9

Smart Marketing for Your Law Firm

Most law firms have caught onto SEO and other online marketing tactics, but do you sell the brand, the firm, or individual lawyers? We’ll review the answer to this question and more with a focus on legal marketing (though the same answer can apply in other industries).

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