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Smart SEO Campaigns from Webdirexion

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SEO and Social Strengthening

A good Social Plus SEO formula takes into consideration a variety of ranking factors, your own business outcome goals, then seeks for measurable results.


Bring qualified visitors to your website

We provide smart SEO — Search Engine Optimization — WordPress based campaigns that meet your overall Marketing Strategy. And search engines are increasingly looking at “social signals” as ranking factors so we develop campaigns with an eye on “Social Environment Optimization”.

Webdirexion SEO Formula: Inbound Marketing + Media Placement + Social Media + Content Strategy

On-Site WordPress SEO Strengthening:  There’s quite a bit we do to tighten up on your site that starts with research, then includes configuration of 3-4 plugins, plus reworking of tags, topics, and key site copy to work in key phrases. See our SEO Overhaul Package (next tab).

Offsite SEO Factors:  Other Google factors we cover with campaigns ion-site SEO strengthening and off-site and local SEO via backlinks from credible sites, press releases, social media visibility and engagement, and more. See our Campaigns (last tab).

Webdirexion WordPress SEO PackageThis “Search/Social Environment Optimization” package includes:

  • Research on Competitive Phrases
  • Configuration of three plugins for SEO, Social Media strengthening
  • Analysis and implementation of “Schema” factors
  • Strengthening of up to ten copy sections including topics (tags) and categories
  • Creation of one special analytics report and monthly delivery to gauge results (in Google Analytics)

Order your WordPress SEO Overhaul:  Our team of experts will do their homework, then give your WordPress site a complete strengthening overhaul for both social and SEO factors including Schema considerations (see Cost: $799.00.

Guarantee: Your satisfaction is guaranteed — we work with to thoroughly strenghen your on-site SEO in WordPress.

Webdirexion service plans

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Projects and campaigns for goal based content marketing

We collaborate with you on an individual project basis, or work with you on an annual campaign basis, where we focus on sustained efforts to grow your business.  Your outsourced marketing team from Webdirexion includes a project manager to keep us focused on key milestone dates, a chief strategist and a “new school” online marketing expert/editor — with expert WordPresss programmers and other specialists as required.  All this for less than half the cost of one career in-house marketing-communications professional.

Prompt estimates gladly given.

What tactics are used in Smart SEO (& Content Marketing)?

  • Old School SEO 15%
  • Quality Targeted Content 20%
  • Blog Marketing & Content Marketing 30%
  • Smart Media Placement 20%
  • Social Media Marketing 15%

Your Webdirexion team knows from experience that new school SEO is really mostly about smart content marketing and inbound marketing tactics.  Quality, relevant content is what Google rewards these days — and what honest marketers should have always been focusing upon.  There is no magic bullet — and while no one can guarantee first page for organic SEO… we can show you performance based results based on measurable business outcome goals.

Recent SEO Articles

Our SEO-Editors’ team (three SEO mavens) believes in keeping up on the latest SEO tactics and strategies.  Do contact us with any comments and questions.