At Webdirexion, we pay quite a bit of attention to testing both at the beginning (before you launch) of website design, during development, and at key points during marketing campaigns. Then the cycle starts again — which is another way of saying always be testing. There are heat map tests, A/B tests, multivariate testing and other methods all designed to yield more desired business outcomes like lead form signups, case study downloads — converting site vistors to prospects, leads and customers.

What’s in a Successful Landing Page?

“You can’t nurture what you don’t convert” is a quote from one of the recommended resources below, and sums up the entire value of keen focus on strategy, creative, testing and improving landing pages. Nurture leads and grow them into sales when you develop a successful landing page.

A/B versus Multivariate Testing

This infographic by Invesp, provides an excellent introduction to different types of testing plus key elements and steps in a successful campaign.

Which Landing Page Version Gathers More Leads?

The average “lift” (increased completion of a goal, which for B2B often means leads gathered at your landing page) resulting from a smart landing page campaign is around 45% for the last 5 tests reported at A/B Tests.  That’s why Webdirexion has made this a core service area (see a recent client example here).  There are different types of tests available, so we wanted to start out this curated landing page solutions post with an infographic that explains multivariate testing versus A/B testing.  Key takeaway:  avoid testing for small improvements while ignoring the big concepts. 

Designing Landing Pages That Work

Landing pages that workThis article by Karol K on Six Revisions first defines (more…)

How Pre-Testing a Site Design Pays Off

Webdirexion Pre-Testing a Site Design

(click to enlarge – heat map test is shown for Medical Device Conference Site Design) Pre-Testing Site Designs pays off for Content Marketers.

Many Content Marketers are overlooking the opportunity to test designs to encourage desired business outcomes.  Not at Webdirexion.  In this recent example, our client Joe Hage, President of Medical MarComm, collaborated up with us to test a site we developed for his new Medical Device Conference — before it even went live.  We learned a lot from this test (see video below), and the results are proving out in analytics and event registrations for Joe.

We solved a number of communications issues prior to coding , and the resulting changes we made are paying off in event registrations for a new, first annual conference (10x Medical Device Conference for Exponential Growth), based on the following principles: (more…)

Five PPC Advertising Tactical Tips

PPC Advertising by WebdirexionPPC — Pay Per Click — advertising has evolved rapidly, and many Content Marketers are missing using it as a primary tactic for value proposition testing, when you need leads quickly, and you want SEO insights (you can learn key phrases in PPC ads to carry forward into articles and posts). So, here are five ppc advertising tactical tips to help you in the trenches.

1. Know your target personas

Who are you talking to in an ad, and what exactly motivates them to seek your solution?  The answer requires (more…)

Round Up of Marketing Tips & Tactics

At Webdirexion, we practice a mix of Content Marketing, and Inbound Marketing — close allies with some overlap. Here we’ll review some marketing tips and tactics from each discipline in the quest for goal based solutions to boost your ROI.

marketing tips and tacticsWomen are from FaceBook, Men are from G+: This from a study played out on the attached infographic from DigitalFlash. Women are also from Pinterest, and more men use LinkedIn than women. About 25% less men (more…)